21 March 2011

Adventures in Sydney with The Lady Llama. Perfect day 1: Clothes. Zumbo. Photos.

My weekend was so fantastic I don't even know where to begin! I do know that being back to routine and reality is going to be hard this week, but I know I'll get through with thoughts that I'm truly loved and admired.

I flew to Sydney early Friday morning. I was exhausted from the event at work on Thursday, but I was so excited about my trip, it was like the day before Christmas! My flight was delayed and so I was placed on an earlier flight which was also delayed. Delayed flights mean free Foxtel, so I watched bogan rock on the music channel! Nothing like November Rain at 700 feet.

My flight got in at 9.10 am and I set off on the airport shuttle train to the city to meet my lovely blogger friend The Lady Llama for the first time. She greeted me with a handmade felt rose and a hug, and we didn't stop talking for five hours!

The taxi driver who took us to my hotel looked at me and told me I'm beautiful, twice. Wow. And at that moment, I knew it was going to be a great day - and I felt beautiful all weekend.

We were tourists, training, bussing and walking it. Ouch my feet. Us on the bus!

The Lady Llama is so so wonderful. She is stylish, super beautiful, and takes great photos. I had a wonderful day with her.

We went looking at clothes - I am going to dedicate a whole blog entry to this, but for now here are a few pictures for you.


She tried to convince me to buy this hat, but wearing the hat for this photo satisfied me.
I wondered whether ducky hat would go with this skirt?

We stopped in at the delicious Simon Johnson store in Pyrmont. I got excited at the fromagerie room, and vowed to make Fromagerie my middle name by deedpoll.
SO MUCH CHEESE! Cheese for the tasting.
 Cheese for the lusting.

And cheese for simultaneous photographing.
 Simon Johnson is a foodie heaven.
 So many bottles and jars of gourmet goodness.
Our mission, however, was to find another foodie heaven. Not the pharmacy, they only sell jellybeans and meal replacement bars.
It didn't matter if we only had dessert for a meal at dessert king Adriano Zumbo. In theory. Only, after walking about three kilometres, we discovered the cafe version of Zumbo had gone from Balmain, and we had to make do with the hole in the wall patisserie version.

So we did have a meal before Zumbo. I had the brunch that transcends cities - or my limited brunching palate when approaching new and not very notable cafes - salmon, avocado and scrambled eggs. It was good.

Back to Zumbo after a proper meal. We saw this dog with a rugby top on. I patted him. His name is Junior. He was bogan, like his owner. I mean that in a nice way - I have a thing for bogan males.
Zumbo was like Wonka. So many delightful desserts...
 With whimsical names...

 And suggestive names...
And intricate designs.
The myriad of choice was marred by knowing that we had to eat our dessert in gazebo type arrangement.
I love that photo The Lady Llama took. We sat next to the man in the foreground. He showed us some pictures of penguins in the newspaper he read.

So bearing in mind our dining arrangements, I got something simple to eat then, and take away.
I got the milo milkshake cake thingy, and four macarons - blueberry mudcake, rice pudding and mango. I ate a rice pudding one on Friday. It tasted exactly like rice pudding. I could eat a million. I am saving the rest for after work treats.
The milo thingy on the other hand, made me feel like I had food regret. It was delicious, but I wish I had have gotten the corn on the cob dessert.
Still, I ate my dessert and enjoyed it. There are layers of thick dark chocolate discs, cake, mousse, chocolate slivers, milo powder, and milky milo. Yum!
Thank you so much to The Lady Llama for taking the pictures, some that you see here, and blogging about our day out. It was so much fun! I've definitely made a friend for life.


  1. Oh my so much fun in one day!! Zumbo looks amazing, love the names of the cakes and how cute is your little milo milkshake one?? v impressive. cant wait for the clothes post!
    Heidi xo
    p.s. you totally should have bought the duck hat :)

  2. What a lovely time!!! I wish I had gone to that conference. Maybe next year xxx

  3. AMAZING!!!

    That maxi skirt you're wearing looks beautiful, I hope you bought it.

    I have a chicky hat that's like that duck hat. It was purchased on a random Safeway visit a few weeks ago.

    The cakes look moreish... that goes without saying though.

    Can't wait to see more photos from your amazing weekend.

  4. I am sooooo jel of your Zumbo treats, def paying a visit there next time I'm in Sydney. I hope you have a great week! XX

  5. Wow. That is indeed a lot of cheese. Like the Richmond Hill Cafe, only with even more cheese, which I didn't think was possible! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  6. All this luscious food, I really want cheese now!

  7. I love the photos, from LL.

    Wish I'd taken a day off to join the two of you.

    So going to conference next year.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

    PS - can't wait for clothes post.

  8. It's great to read that you had such a wonderful weekend, Carly! Making new friends is the bestest :)

  9. That looks like it was the perfect weekend! The cheese looks so delicious and omg those macarons! You look beautiful in that skirt! Can't wait to read about the clothes! x

  10. What a lovely day you had Carly. And you are beautiful inside and out! As a daggy, flabby Mum, I also felt beautiful this weekend. So many wonderfully warm women and men to inspire me and enrich my life, and you were one of them!

  11. Oh so good to see you had a blast :) I'd love to have gone to the conf but I'm only a newbie blogger so maybe next year!

    You shouda bought duckie hat ;) hehee

  12. That sounds like a fantastic weekend and being a major foodie I am in heaven just looking at the pictures.

  13. It sounds like the perfect weekend!!! (By the way- maxi skirts made it on my spring trends list today!)


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