24 March 2011

And the boys go on and on. Part 3. Because we all need some eye candy.

Feeling rather tired. And a bit fluey. Too tired to write the epic blog post that I planned.

So here's some eye candy for you. And for me.

Think of it as a community service. To get you through the day.

Joseph Gordon Levitt. Geeky.
Ryan Gosling. Love that scruff.
Brendan Cowell. Ocker, scruffy, blokey.
Orlando Bloom. Lucky Miranda.
Ryan Reynolds. Yes please.
Mark Wahlberg.  I want to join his funky bunch.
 Nick Vujicic. Inspirational and hot. Great smile.

Mousey. As seen on Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight. The cutest mouse of all.  And great on Twitter.

What a great research project! Happy Thursday ;)

Feel free to point me in the direction of some eye candy!


  1. Hmmmm, lovely eye candy, an extra meal to start the day lol :)

  2. Great post Carly! I saw Nick on AHIGST last night and found him to be inspirational. I think I need to read his book.

    My personal favourite is Ewen McGregor :)

  3. Just what I need today. Hope you feel less fluey soon. I think I'll just keep this page open in a tab all day!

  4. Can I ask for something for male reader?Good to see there's room for vanity despite Posts.We are not need some eye candy!... Remember the greatest sexual organ we have is our minds.You're lucky you have one of the greatest going round!!!

  5. Nom nom nom nom... Love the Ryans! Not so keen on Mr Bloom though! XX

  6. I'll take the Ryans Reynolds & Gosling please. (Awesome post - needed this today, thanks!)

  7. I read your blog all the time, and seeing my cousin (Nick) on your list was quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. Will definitely let him know next time I see him!

  8. I'm seeing Nick in Brisbane this weekend, how exciting! :o)

  9. Girlfriend's got good taste! Mmmmm, Marky Mark...

  10. Oh I love this! HAHAA the fact that Mousey got the cut is HILARIOUS.

    Mousey's the best :) You all need to follow him on Twitter!


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