22 March 2011

Being treated like a princess at St Frock

On Perfect Day 1 in Sydney, I went shopping. One of my lovely blog readers/Facebook friends, Sandradee, owns a shop in Pyrmont called St Frock. She invited me to St Frock, and so Lanelle and I went on the bus to see her. We winged it on our travels, not sure where we were going, until we saw this, nestled in a cute terrace shopping strip!
I shrieked and asked the bus driver to stop! We jumped off and headed inside.

St Frock is a beautiful store. It's luxurious and girly and magical.

It stocks funky and affordable labels such as Love & Lies, Kylie Hawkes, Gingham & Heels, Mok Theorem, White Euphoria, Maria de Guzman, Erin Louise, Sage, By Cherry, Mink Pink, Staple The Label and JUNK.

This amazing blossom tree lit up the window and featured delicate necklaces hanging from its branches.
Lanelle loved the tree. How beautiful is this picture?!
 There were butterflies and autumn leaves on the walls. So pretty.
And post-it hearts as a wall decoration.
The puppy was wearing an aviation jacket because Friday was photoshoot day, and a model was wearing an aviation jacket too.
Sandradee is so so so wonderful. She made us feel welcome, and was such a good hostess in the store. She has an inspirational story - following her dream to open a store after a life changing moment. She has a hard work ethic - her Pyrmont store opens seven days a week, she also sells online, and does markets on weekends.

And she is so very generous.
Sandradee treated me to some gifts in the store. She said she is inspired by me. I was honoured.
She gave me these beautiful clothes, and a unicorn necklace.

I felt like a princess. I was helped into the clothes by Sandradee, and was photographed by Lanelle. So very special.

I wore the clothes both nights I was in Sydney - pictures to come.

Thank you so much for the generosity and great service, Sandradee and the St Frock girls. I loved the experience ♥ I am honoured and still smiling.

You should all visit St Frock at 190 Harris Street, Pyrmont, NSW, Australia, or online.


  1. How lovely! Sandradee (awesome name, by the way) sounds like a lovely person. I will definitely visit when in Sydney next. You LOOK like a princess, what gorgeous, flowing clothes :)
    Heidi xo

  2. I loved the skirt you were wearing on Saturday night - it looked gorgeous. Yay for St Frock! I'll be checking it out online.

  3. What a lovely store. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!! I should check it out in person! You do look like a princess - I adore your skirt!!!

  4. I WANT THAT TREE!! Actually, I think I want that entire shop. Your legs are knock-outs in that short dress, totally hawt. And as I told you on the night, your outfit was stunning. :) Lucky girl, you.

  5. Yayayaayayayayayayaaa

    LOVE this store and it's all because of you Miss Carly!!! SO glad you showed it to us, I'm getting the skirt in black and a dress.

    Great post :) :) :)

  6. That's where you got the skirt on Saturday night, it was marvelous.

  7. Those clothes are gorgeous! That white dress is gorgeous and it's such a good length; it shows off your great legs! That long swishy skirt is so lovely too ... now i'm off to check out their stuff online :) x

  8. OH THAT SKIRT! I'm still kicking myself I didn't steal it when we met in the hotel lobby. It's dreamy. I want!

  9. They're excellent to work with. Love them.
    Beautiful post Carly, Sandradee utterly deserves it!

  10. You looked like a princess! Big ups for the skirt choice. A-MAZING :)

  11. Was lovely to meet you and thanks for being my lunch buddy at the conference. That skirt was so magical and looked stunning on you! x

  12. You looked like a princess in your gorgeous clothes too! I LOVED the outfit you wore on Saturday night.

  13. That shop is just down the road from my place. I've never got around to checking it out but def will now! The cafe next door does the best coffee in the area too!

  14. I love that last outfit - the long, flowy skirt is so gorgeous. It looks like you had a fantastic time there.

  15. Ahhh, that skirt. You looked divine! So beautiful!!! Loved meeting you at the conference Carly.

  16. Carly- it sounds like an amazing day. What great memories!!!!!!!

  17. It all looks so beautiful.... the tree, and of course the butterflies (me being butterfly crazy!:) The clothes of course are lovely, especially the skirt! Cant wait to see the rest of your pics from your night out.

  18. you look beautiful! the store is so beautifully decorated and sandradee sounds like such a generous and sweet owner <3<3

  19. What a lovely friend! Will definitely be checking out the online shop!

  20. I love the tree... Makes me want to cross the globe to just visit!

    So glad you had a wonderful day!

  21. Now, THAT, is how a clothes shopping experience should feel. Just beautiful Carly!


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