10 March 2011

Seven things about me - meme

So the lovely Kirsti from Melbourne on my Mind tagged me in two memes last week. Kirsti's pretty cool and I am looking forward to meeting her soon - we have a bit in common!

(What's a meme? I explained a while ago.)

I sort of got the memes mixed up and due to lack of attention to detail (even though I'd read them numerous times), I combined the two (here and here).

So here are seven things about me, handwritten for you. Handwriting seems like a forgotten art! In the spirit of deep concentration, my tongue stuck out of the corner of my mouth as I wrote this!
It's really hard to photograph handwriting. And come up with seven things about me that I haven't mentioned here before!

I tag the following bloggers:

Kate from Kate Takes 5
The Girl in Oslo
Cate from All Cats are Grey at Night
Merowyn from Blithely Unaware
Blighty from Blighty World
Megan from Literary Life
Shaz from Shaz's Blog.

Looking forward to seeing your handwritten memes, girls!


  1. carly- sacrilege! you just haven't had a decent macaron yet. next time you're in sydney you must haul arse to zumbo.

  2. Right there with you on the macarons part - cupcakes are infinitely better! And way to create your own meme by combining the two! ;)

  3. Gorgeous!!!

    I do tend to agree w/ you about Macaroon's I much prefer a patt cake :) :) :)

    I'll get onto this toot sweet!!

  4. I have to disagree with #3, you talk way more than you write :P

  5. Cupcakes rock my world.

    Yes, handwriting is almost forgotten. I make my kids hand write letters just so they know how it's done. It's sad really.

  6. Hi Carly...
    Thanks for this...
    I will do it on Sunday :)

    Loved your answers....

    Have a great day.

  7. Handwriting is a lost art. Mine is so sloppy now people welcome my typing. Stopping by from sitsgirls 31 day challenge doing day 2 here http://www.web-designschool.com/write-list-post-web-design-school-day2/

  8. Hi
    They have all been answered:)
    Sorry about the delay...
    Have a great day.


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