03 March 2011

Quick update

All is ok. I am still sore but my skin is on the improve and hasn't become infected. The steroids and antibiotics are making me hungry and nauseous and wide awake in the night. I am not buff nor stronger from the steroids.

I am exhausted now. Worked 9.00 am - 3.30 pm today. I could sleep for a week. I am in bed now.

I finished the 30 by 30 challenge on the day I went home sick, so no photos. I also purchased a dress online the day after the challenge ended.

My favourite (and expensive) headphones have been fixed. The plug that fits into the hole on my iPod/iPhone snapped off from the wire. I had no other choice but to listen through the crApple ear buds for two weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to Canberra for work. I am looking forward to it.

And here is my current favourite song. I am about six years behind the times, I know. Better late than never.

Goodnight and thanks for all of your wishes :)


  1. Oh that's one of my all time favourite songs. Ever. Reminds me of very good times way, way, way back in the day.

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better. I hope you're not going to be working too hard in Canberra.

    Steroids will do that, lots of my patients are shocked at how hungry they are when they're on steroids plus we have to watch their blood sugar levels. I hope you don't have to do sugar levels at home, that would suck.

    I sent you a text the other day to make sure you were ok. I'm guessing you were way too buggered and feeling blue to respond.

    Hope you get well soon lady, thinking of you!!!!

  2. I have been on steroids for asthma, I'm not sure if they're the same kind, but they make me STARVING and kind of emotional and cranky as well (but that could just be me). Hope you feel better Carly.x

  3. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!

  4. glad you're feeling a lil better!

    enjoy canberra, i was there about a year ago for the masterpieces from paris exhibit.


  5. It was lovely to meet you whilst waiting in line to get our books signed today after lunch :) Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and hope that you had a good trip back to Melbourne. Mary

  6. Better late than never :-) Love that song too. Great song for melancholy times, I find.


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