13 March 2011

Glamour party

Last night I went to a 1920s glamour gangster party thrown by some work friends.

There were feather boas, fringe dresses, cigarette holders, fishnet stockings, wigs and toy guns. A pretend casino encouraged everyone to get to know each other. So much fun to see everyone dressed up!

Here is what I wore (wishing I had worn my stands of faux pearls) - an embellished top, an extremely short tiered skirt, sparkly heels + fishnets. Glamorous and a bit sexy.
I felt like I was going to make a million dollars.
My skirt was so short that when I sat down, there was this much of my thighs bared.
I also wore a sparkly lace jacket, a pearl and beaded headpiece and giant rings.
And here's me hitching my skirt up - like it needed to be! Most of my outfit was from Temt, and all jewellery was from Diva.)
The hosts of the party made this beautiful cake.
Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will see heaps more pics of the night.

I had a ball, and despite only having one and a half champagnes, I felt like I've partied hard.

Thanks D&N for a wonderful party! And happy birthday N - you looked so beautiful.


  1. Ooh that sounded like fun!

    And look at you all sparkly and netted up ;) That cake is awesome!

  2. That sounds like it was so much fun! And it looked like it too, from the photos on FB.

    I wish I'd taken more photos at the high tea I went to yesterday, but for some reason it just didn't occur to me at the time! :(

  3. Awwwwww. Looks like you had a wonderful time! :) Your outfit looks so well put together and awesome! That cake does look pretty. (And goooood) Question: I've heard wearing fishnet stockings hurt. Do they? (never worn them before.)

  4. Looks like great fun! The FB updates make sense.

    In a panic. What to wear this Friday?

    Workshopping options now.

    SSG xxx

  5. Thanks girls ;)

    Katie: I wear fishnets over nude stockings so they aren't directly against my skin. But if I take my shoes off to dance, they hurt the soles of my feet.

    SSG: I am wearing a pretty dress.

  6. Yay awesome party!!!!

    I am going to look on FB now.


  7. You look awesome! I loooove that skirt!

  8. I am seriously crushing on your beautiful jacket! AH-MAZING. Looks like it was a fab party!

  9. It looks like so much fun! Your stockings are absolutely awesome.

  10. Thanks Carly! I might just try it. :)


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