31 March 2011

And the boys go on and on. Part 4. The intelligentsia edition.

Good looking guys aren't just good looking. They're smart too. As demonstrated below. I have also realised these three sort of look the same. Read on.

I'm hot for journo. Hot for Steve Cannane.
I sigh each time he comes on TV. I hang onto every Goddamn intelligent word he says. And he is a Walkley Award winner. Something I aspire to. He presented on Triple J's Hack radio show, and on Triple J's Hack half hour TV show. Now he's on The Drum. Wow. I am so hot for journo that I've quite possibly ruined any future media credibility I held. Then again, me and Steve may become Australia's next Australian media power couple. Well, we're practically colleagues.

Todd Sampson. He's an advertising expert slash TV presenter slash good looking guy. That's all I know, really.

Steve Poltz. He is funny, smart, and goofy-cute. Can play guitar and sing. And his lyrics are amazing. Google Reno or Butter Jacket. Pronto.
Remember this interview I did with him? And this time he sang to me? Nice eh?

Sigh. These are the types of men I should marry.

Who are your intelligent hot boys?

Oh, and because I had a request from a male reader to feature a hot chick (or in this case, beautiful, intelligent lady), here she is. My girl crush. Cate Blanchett. I have no words.


  1. All great choices. They are all HOT and smart and accomplished. And did I mention HOT!!

  2. Mmm, when I saw the title of this post, especially the intelligentsia bit, I was hoping you'd feature Todd Sampson. And you did! Mmmm indeed.

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1371499/Katherine-Jenkins-distressed-criticised-burns-survivor-Emily-Savage-Channel-4.html

    reminded me of your post on vanity and thought you might want to read it and the comments

    gosh, i will never get over how perfect cate blanchett's bone structure is.

  4. hahaha... you crack me up with your boy lists!!!

    And I love that you incl Cate Blanchett. I was just speaking about her last night with my husband and the fact that she is totally amazingly awesome.

  5. I'm happy that all your boy choices are dark haired. Too many of my friends go ga-ga for blonde men. I prefer dark hair myself.

  6. I saw Cate on stage in the War of the Roses, she's absolutely captivating!


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