10 July 2010

Penguins and pandas. Cute and functional

Can you believe it's a Saturday night and I'm in bed at 7.30 pm! Party central at Chez Carly. I am very tired after a lengthy drive to Bendigo and back. It was a windy, rainy day and the drive required much concentration. My trusty iPod played all the right music though - very pleased!

I visited my lovely friend Danielle and her husband and their dog. Danielle is due to have a baby soon, and it was very exciting seeing the nursery and the cute things she has made. Danielle is a very talented artist and designer! We had a leisurely catch up at a cafe - we haven't seen each other for a while, so this time spent together was nice.

Here is what we ate for lunch at Green Olive Cafe.

Danielle had French onion soup and ciabatta bread. The thing floating in it is cheesy bread. She said it was beautiful and filling.
She also had a juice.
I had a smoothie full of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. I needed something healthy after the wrath of Friday night drinks and junk food.
I love all day breakfasts. I had a veggie breakfast with grilled tomato, garlic mushrooms, scrambled eggs, potato rosti and a side of salmon. It was great. Especially the rosti. A nice alternative to hashbrowns.
Given lunch was at 12.00 pm and I had not eaten since the wrath of Friday night drinks with colleagues including the fabulous Jentopia (hello deep fried samosas and spring rolls, party pies, chips and dips, plus the sausage roll I had beforehand!) I was famished. This meal was well deserved.

After a long walk around the shops in Bendigo, braving the icy weather, we found that the cafe that sold Fraus chocolate had closed for the day, so I decided to make some real hot chocolate at Danielle's house.

Here it is on the stove. There may or may not be two blocks of Cadbury's in this milk.
It was so rich. So delicious!
Mandatory marshmallows.
Danielle's husband said I can be a guest chef anytime!

This is what I wore. It was quite warm in Melbourne when I left home at 8.15 am. It was considerably colder in Bendigo.
Merino cardi and sparkly top from Portmans, grey dress from Sportsgirl (oil marks care of Vaseline), leggings from Kmart, boots from Tony Bianco, necklace from Wiyomu via Etsy via Polly for Kris Kringle, brooch that used to be a necklace from Henty Field Days (glued by me) and handmade beanie from Salamanca market in Tasmania (it's a year today since I bought the hat!). I actually have two more tops on underneath - rugged up snuggly!
Aside from the theme of friendship in this blog entry (Dan and I have been friends for 10 years this year, and though there are some years between us, we get on as though we are contemporaries - apart when we don't know the music from each other's era!) shopping is very important. You may be wondering what I bought. Bendigo has some nice boutique stores - we browsed homeware and baby stores. It was nice. These stores reminded me a lot of Hobart's (how I miss Hobart!).

My favourite store in Bendigo was Bob Boutique. I could have bought almost everything in this store. Everything is so cute and luxurious. I wanted the stamps and the brooches and the necklaces and the stationery...lucky they have an online store...

I bought this penguin mug-jug. It can be a mug and can be a jug. Lucky for this because I rarely serve tea and coffee. Maybe the penguin would like some custard with his fishy...
Its little beak is the lip of the jug. So cute!
I have wanted a penguin since I read a book about a penguin in year three and made a penguin place-mat. But apparently I am not allowed to keep one in my bathtub so the mug-jug will have to do.

I also bought this panda cup and spoon set. Adorable. I love pandas. I like pandas as much as penguins. I actually have three items of clothing with pandas on them. Bob Boutique had a lot of things featuring pandas.
The panda spoon has little paws that grip the cup. And the back of the cup has a ladybug.
The awwwww factor of today's purchases is a million.

Thanks for a great day, Dan xx I had fun :)


  1. Seems you had a wonderful day Carly.. Love your outfit and the cute purchases too! x

  2. How bloody yummy does your food look! As I'm staring down the barrel of salt & vinegar chips. :)

    Glad you had a great day. xx

  3. Oh my goodness those mugs are SO adorable, they are just the cutest things ever! I am going to check out that online store!
    I really love your outfit too hun, especially that sparkly top and those boots, killer! x

  4. How yum is that hot chocolate!

    Loving the new additions to your kitchen.

    Stay warm

    SSG xxx

  5. It really was a great day wasn't it! Thanks for making the effort to drive all the way out here to visit. It was so good to see you and a fitting celebration of our 10 year friendship! I miss going to all those concerts with you though. PS: You weren't the only one in bed a 7:30pm on a Saturday night!

  6. Ah! I looked on the site but I can't find the penguin cup :( I suppose it's a good thing since I am so super addicted to online shopping + don't really have much income, oh dear! I suppose I'll just live vicariously through you then...!

  7. yum that food looks so good!! and your outfit is gorgeous!xx


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