24 June 2011

Yes, it's still Darren Hayes Day - Nova interview

Darren did an interview on Nova today, with Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering. I'd gone to work by then so have just watched it tonight.

 (source - and more pics here)

I seriously listened to Talk Talk Talk 30 times today. Can you believe his music has been in my life for 15 years? Half my life! I can't explain the feeling I get when I listen to his music.

His new album Secret Codes and Battleships is out in October. He hints at a tour here.
Hayes said: "I'm touring a really tiny number of dates this year. I'm doing just four dates in the UK in October.

"I'm doing two dates in America - an LA and New York show - and then in Australia I'm doing just Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in November. All of that will be announced in a couple of weeks, but that's what's happening."


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, being in the UK I didn't get to see/hear it but I can now :-) I'm really looking forward to him touring again, but just hope he comes to Manchester otherwise I more than likely won't be able to go. Shame he's doing only a handful of venues though really.

    Melanie (Twink's Blog(

  2. I'm surprised at what Darren Hayes is up to these days. :) (In the US, Savage Garden made it big but not much else in terms of solo careers) Is Savage Garden still together?

    I wanted to add here also that I want to give you a Lovely Blogger Award and you are featured on my blog. Thanks for being such an awesome writer! You can pick up your award over at http://dreamsinthepalmofyourhand.blogspot.com

    Thanks again Carly!


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