20 June 2011

Farmer's market, slow cooked beef stroganoff (and leftover pie)

Last Monday - the last day of my long long weekend - I put the slowcooker on and sat and relaxed. Slowcookers are wonderful that way. They cook your food while you do something else, or nothing at all.

I've been going to my local farmer's market on a Sunday, after seeing the cows on Four Corners. I want to eat ethically and locally raised meat. From my parents' property or from the farmer's market. So while I've eaten meat out at restaurants (and spent a full week vegetarian), the only meat I've cooked has been my parents' lamb and local beef from Family Farmed Meats. I also try to buy my fruit and vegies from local grocers - so good to support them, and much tastier!
The market is lovely - in a shed at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds every Sunday from 9.00 am - 1.00 pm. It has fruit and vegies, baked goods, meat, honey and cheese.

 L'Artisan Cheese from Timboon is amazing. Seriously :)
 I bought the triple cream brie, the big white one. It's soft, creamy and strong. Better than any supermarket cheese!

 Michael's breaky barbie is fantastic! He has a small menu but so tasty! The hot chocolate is wonderful.

This is the best breakfast ever - poached egg with polenta, fried bread, a salad of greens, fennel and cabbage, topped with beetroot in yoghurt, celeriac and lentil purees. ♥
So, I used the meat I bought at the market, along with some vegies bought at the market and my local grocer to make the stroganoff.  Carrots, beans, mushrooms, eggplant, tomato, capsicum, sweet potato and pumpkin (kindly cut by my grocer due to my thumb). I loved the sun through the window as I took these photos.
I got by with a little help from my friends - convenience seasonings. These eliminated the chopping - my thumb was too sore. And the slowcooker seasoning pack adds lots of flavour.
 Here's the beef. So tasty, and great value.
 All in the slowcooker. This was about six servings.
Towards the end of cooking, I added sour cream and also cooked pasta bows for serving. It was so very yummy!! I had it for dinner once, and two lunches in the week.
I still had a pot of leftovers, so I reheated it on Saturday night and made it into a pie. I love this pot - so vibrant :)
 My pastry was a little broken.
 I pieced them together in the pie dish and hoped for the best.
 And the topping! Not a pretty pie, but a good use of leftovers!!


  1. YUM!!!

    I love using my leftover pot roasts for pie fillings, such a good way to extend the mix and GREAT for work.

  2. Your farmers market looks awesome! & what an amazing breakfast!! I've never made beef stroganoff, it looks gooood. yay for winter meals :)
    Heidi xo
    oh & I've been making a real effort to go organic/local meat too! snap.

  3. Oh yum! I love all the markets in Melbourne, I can actually spend hours browsing and tasting!

  4. Thanks for your comments about our cheeses Carly!
    I am now back from France and will be at Flemington Farmer's market tomorrow (sunday the 24th of July). Hope to see you then !
    Matthieu - L'artisan Cheese

    PS: your blog is fantastic. One of my sons has been having a look at it with me and asked plenty of questions. We had a great discussion about bullying, being different etc...Thanks.


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