18 June 2011

Cue does Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress is at Cue, the media is saying. I saw it last week and had to hold the dress and get a photo with it. I LOVED Pippa's dress and was so excited to see an inspired design by my favourite label Cue.
The dress is a beautiful heavy shiny material, maybe satin. My friend who took the photo of me and the dress sort of understood my excitement.

I rarely try clothes on in store, so here is an actual model in the Cue dress.
While the Cue dress is shorter than Pippa's, the cowl neck, sleeves and skirt is very similar. And for $219, it's accessible. You too can get an arse dress like Pippa


  1. HA!!

    I honestly think that the length made that dress the beauty that it was... shame they shortened it :/ :/ :/

  2. It is a very nice dress, but $219 is more than I've ever spent on a single piece of clothing. I've never shopped in Cue, although I have been in to look at stuff. They have very nice designs in there.

  3. I saw it at Sydney Myer 3weeks ago and laughed and laughed!
    Kudos to whoever is brave enough to wear it!

  4. Great spotting - gorgeous dress - would have it's work out for it turning my butt Pippa-like!

  5. Awesome! The dress is really beautiful!!!


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