22 June 2011

Miss Chu's Melbourne

The wonderful memories of my night out at Miss Chu's in Sydney with Sydney Shop Girl, Sandradee and Kristy make me smile and so when I found out there was a Miss Chu's in Melbourne, I was so keen to eat there. So, last Tuesday night Heidi and I went to Miss Chu's (297 Exhibition St Melbourne). She brought her fiance Ben along and it was lovely to meet him.
It was an indoor/outdoor restaurant, unlike the street food arrangement in Sydney. The decor was cute - lanterns, pineapples and beautiful rice bowls made into lampshades.

Heidi and I both got these amazing drinks - frozen young coconut with lychees, cucumber and mint. I am not a fan of young coconut juice, or cucumber come to think about it, but with the lychees, it tasted so exotic. Heidi said it tasted like Vietnam. I will definitely try making these at home. So so yummy!
We ordered an array of food from the tuckshop menu.
Roast duck and banana flower ricepaper rolls. So plump. More filling than your average ricepaper roll.
 Prawn dumplings. They were very generous with the prawns. The dumplings were juicy. The sauce was so spicy.
Duck pancake. I seriously could have just eaten these all night. I think I said I could eat 17. The duck was tender, covered in hoisin sauce. Yummy times a million. We ordered another serve.
 Papaya salad. I wasn't keen on it. It was very spicy and the crunchy beans felt a bit out of place.
Crab eggnet vermicilli salad. This salad was fantastic! The crab eggnets were an interesting texture and the dressing was delicious. Still spicy but not overpowering like the previous salad.
 More dumplings. Pork I think. Juicy and delicious.
And this was a steamed custard bun! It wasn't keen on being papped. Oh. My. God. So good. I don't think I've had one of these before and I am so glad I got to know steamed custard buns better. And at $3 a pop, my dress size better watch out.
Overall the food was as great as I had in Sydney. It was delicious, complex flavours yet simple ingredients. Service was quick, but we were overcharged significantly, which was rectified quickly. Dress size, you have been warned. I will eat at Miss Chu's again, very soon.


  1. yay! that custard bun was so not wanting to be photographed, you're right. Awesome though. & yep, verrrrry disappointing papaya salad. The dumplings were all really good though. Love how Ben is cut off in the last shot - every time!! :)
    Heidi xo

  2. I've been wanting to branch out and try different places (although living in the outer suburbs makes it a little hard), this place sounds nice.

    I've never eaten duck before but the duck pancakes look yummy.

  3. That food all looks delicious! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like coconut juice! Looks like you guys had a lovely evening :)
    PS Loved your FB comments on last night's SBS doco - I'm hoping a blog post is in the works? :)

  4. You've just made me so hungry with all those amazing photos. xxx

  5. Great post Carly!!!

    Usually I just get the normal plain young coconut, I loooooooooooooooooooove it. Next time I'll get this one. The ace thing about Miss Chu is we can get it delivered to work. Finally something somewhat healthy and cheap!


  6. I have to go to this place sometime the food looks delicious. That drink sounds lovely too! I love coconut juices.

  7. sorry, this is random I know.. do you know when Rush is coming back on??

  8. Oh, I'm drooling! Prawn dumplings! And steamed custard buns which I've never had , but sound so yummy. I wonder if Madame Wu's on The Parade has those?

  9. Everything looks so yum! That cocktail looks fantastic, like summer in a glass!


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