05 June 2011

Listography - best decisions I've made


This week's Listography challenge by Kate Takes 5 is five of the best decisions you've made. I can't think of too many bad decisions I've made. I am a strong believer that decisions and choices you make can determine the type of life you have. Your decisions can make you happy. I am really happy for the decisions I've made.

Moving to Melbourne in 2003
When I was almost finished my undergraduate degree I applied for 26 jobs in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. I never wanted to stay in the country. I saw no future there for me. I wanted to escape the small town and often small minds. And I've never looked back. I have a great, secure job, doing a postgraduate course I actually want to do, seen countless bands, met lots of friends and done so many exciting things. Moving to Melbourne has given me independence. I am always in awe of the prospects Melbourne has to offer. I love this city.

Taking control over my illness
From an early age I've made my own decisions about my illness. I've chosen a positive outlook. It's less tiring than a negative one. I've made my own decisions about medications, and often stood firm on my own beliefs and choices over doctors' advice. I spent a lot of time being a guineapig for educating doctors and for different treatments (herbal potions and prescription drugs). I made a decision to choose my wellbeing over severe treatments resulting in severe side effects, and the loss of dignity. I know my body better than any specialist, and I appreciate that my medical team respects this.

Being confident about my illness
It took me some time - perhaps due to necessity to educate - but I am so glad I've been confident about my illness and shared my experiences. I acknowledged I have a chronic illness for the first time. It was the start of my work in the disability community. I wrote an article at work, received some great responses from so many staff I knew and didn't know, and then I realised I may be able to help people by sharing my story. I then applied to be a mentor at the Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS) program, one of the best experiences in my life, gave some speeches, started this blog, auditioned for No Limits and won the part, and the rest is history. Since the start of my confidence journey, I've won three major awards and been a finalist for another. I am really glad to be able to help people, but more importantly, gain a new awareness about chronic illness and disabilities.

Writing and blogging
I am so glad I've started blogging and believed in my writing. You know how much it all means to me and the opportunities that have come my way. It makes for a great escape and also great skill and network development.

Being a food lover
I eat to live - I need to nourish my skin with great food - but I also live to eat. I love food and I am so glad my parents encouraged me to try all foods I am offered. Cooking and eating excites me no end. I remember great meals. I wish they'd last forever. I also believe that being willing to try a variety of foods makes you easier to cook for and to take to dinner.

What are the best decisions you've made?


  1. Hey Carly haven't seen you around for awhile! Inspiring post as always - thank you for joining in. (I'm a fellow food lover too!)

  2. That's a fantastic list Carly. Moving to Melbourne sounds like a really life changing decsision.

  3. It is brilliant that you have the gift to hold the torch for those with chronic illness and disability. you are one incredibly special lady.

  4. Very moving post. Lump in my throat reading it. Good on yer, Carly

  5. Lovely post Carly, i really like your spirit and independent mind, especially when it comes to knowing your own body and making your own decisions. It might be a cliche, but one of my best decisions was wanting a family and having two great kids :)

  6. Great post! The best decision I've made is staying true to myself and following my dreams - including travel and making sure I do something I enjoy. Awe, sounds corny. But it's true :)
    Heidi xo

  7. I do love my grub!

    Inspirational you are :) x

  8. I know what you mean about leaving a small town, I grew up in a small town and made the decision to leave (and come back, and leave again ... and come back again).

    Sometimes I hate how small the small town I live in is, and other times I love it. I guess that's just the way it goes! Right now I'm happy to be back in this small town & planning other adventures. I'm lucky in that there are lots of creative people here at the moment, doing lots of creative things, so it doesn't always feel quite so small town!

    Oh, and ... amen to the food thing. Life's too short to count calories if you ask me!


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