04 June 2011

Blogs of note

The internet showcases some brilliant talent. I love discovering gems and really delving into peoples' thoughts and creativity. I've been reading some blog posts that I'd like to share with you. Please take a read. I hope you love them like I do.

The first one is by a friend of mine who hasn't been blogging long. I shared this on Twitter and Facebook and a number of friends have loved this post and shared it too. Beautiful by Jess at 91 Odd Socks.
Jess's writing is amazing. The metaphors and imagery she creates heals the pain she writes of and feels every day. She sees the world differently. She sees beauty everywhere. And she's wise beyond her years. Look at this passage:
"From a very young age, I have known that not everyone is normal. Some of us  have scars, burns, tubes, and prosthetics, wheels, tracheotomies, no hair and oxygen tanks. Some of us can’t walk, breathe or even eat like you can.

But we can still hear your whispers, see your pointing tips, feel your stares, taste your smiles of pity.

For once, pretend that we look like everyone else. Treat us as you would the giggling girls in high heels, the boys with their hats on the wrong way."
A powerful writer. Embrace her please.

Welcome to the InterWebs by Veronica Foale.
It's a fictitious series with some real-life wisdom about the blogging community. Anna, the series' protagonist, goes on a journey to find her place in the InterWebs. I like the idea of bloggers being in a community, yet doing their own thing.

Still sort of on that topic, Miscellaneous Mum writes about finding the right voice when blogging, the homogenisation of blogging, and that blogging can become competitive. And these factors may take the fun from blogging.

I went to an Emerging Writer's Festival session today and one of the messages I took away was to appreciate your fellow writers, belong to the community and cultivate relationships with them. Writing is not a competition, it's a community. I like that idea.

And despite what critics say, I love fashion bloggers. I love their passion for clothes, and their creativity. Fashion blogs inspire me. I love that fashion bloggers don't often write much (but still write well) still inspire me. I came across Rose Petals in the Rain a few months ago, and her dreamy outfits make me smile and sigh simultaneously. I adore the purple dress she wears in the screenshot below, and also this grey and pink beauty.


  1. Jess's (91 Odd Socks) comment has resonated with me. She's correct on so many levels. I'll let you in on a little secret. Many, many a time when we've been in a patient's room doing their care we've sung, danced, chatted away about day to day life, joked, laughed, talked about what's on the TV, the news etc.... even if they can't talk back. When patient's are in the last stages of life we talk to them, tell them what we are going to do next with their care, say hello. When we are washing bodies of those that are deceased we carry on talking to them. This might sound strange, especially for someone that's passed away. But it's our way of connecting on a more personal level - of making the world normal, fun, calm, happy, respectful, dignified.

    Hope your interview went well!!!

  2. I'm already a HUGE fan of Veronica's, and after tonight, of Jess. Off to check out the other's though. I'm learning a rec from you is one worth following. :)

  3. Hey Carly, Thanks for the mention, I've had a lot of feedback from that post - seems to triggered thoughts (which is good!)

    I'll reply to your comment soon, but just wanted to say I'd love to catch up with you again! xx

  4. Thanks so much Carly! I feel very flattered that you decided to mention my little blog! I'm now going to go check out the other blogs you listed :)

  5. Catching up on massive backlog of blog reading... great post (91 Odd Socks... wow!).
    Hope you are well.x


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