03 June 2011

Consulting my stylist.

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've been busy. Today I consulted my stylist because tomorrow I have a photoshoot. Yes, tomorrow I have a photoshoot. For a magazine. More details later. My stylist is Cheryl from Business Chic. She is awesome. We played with clothes. So much fun.




The photoshoot is at my house. MY HOUSE!! Must dash. I need to clean. Really. My kitchen is clean. But I really wish my liquor cabinet was better stocked right now. Cleaning is better with a cider in hand.


  1. Good luck Carly!!!
    I'm sure you will shine and your casa will look beautiful.

  2. All the outfits are so pretty!! I'm sure you'll be great :) Don't forget to have fun with it all! xx

  3. Best of luck, Carly!

    Can't wait to see the photos and the article.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

  4. Good luck :) cant wait to see pics and read all about it. I'm so excited for you! x

  5. Nice choices....both are lovely.

    Good luck on your photoshoot and can't wait to see all the pics.

  6. Wow Carly - I can't believe that you have blogged our catch up already - so quick!

    Thank you for including me in your success but truly, it is all you gorgeous. Now bring on the shoot!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the article Carly, hope you cleaned the house up in time lol. I love the colours on the jewellery in the last photo :)

  8. OMG CONGRATS CARLY!!!!!!! That is AMAZING! Good luck! Not that you'll need luck, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

  9. Cleaning is absolutely better with cider in hand. I hope it's going/has gone well!! All your outfit choices are amazing - you have a fabulous stylist :)
    Heidi xo

  10. I love that very simple red dress.
    Hope the photo shoot went well.


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