18 June 2011

My thoughts on Zara - no vlog

The previous video I posted about Zara didn't load all the way.

Here are my thoughts in text form...

I went to Zara yesterday. I read Skylark's post re Zara and I had it running through my mind as I looked through the store. These are my thoughts on the store after visiting:
- I didn't see many standout items. Fabric looked cheap on so many tops and dresses. How it can be compared to Cue and Witchery escapes me.
- So much stock combined with the recent opening frenzy makes people a bit mindless, and selfish/rude too. Customers were pushing a little, standing in the way of stock, and it generally wasn't a pleasant shopping experience.
- So much stock was overwhelming.
- Styles were bland and boring. Blarah.
- The bright colours were garish.
- The store looks nice but lacks in presentation quality due to rummaging/constant replenishing of stock. So many clothes were creased.
- Prices weren't uber cheap when quality is considered.
- I prefer Target and Temt for the cheap and not so nasty, and Cue for the style.

Having said that I did find one gem at a reasonable price and bought it. A black spotted dress.


  1. All I know is that I'm not lining up to go into any store. ;) Thanks Carls. xx PS, Tempt an Target fave of mine as well. I get over stuff so quick there is no point in spending a motza. x

  2. Hmm, quite a few people have said things like this about Zara now. I find it interesting, because the upper-management types at my work (Trade Secret) have been biting their fingernails over what damage Zara is going to do to their profits.

  3. I was obsessed with Zara overseas!! Not sure why I haven't rushed to this store...perhaps because I'm trying not to buy clothes!
    Heidi xo

  4. I have so far not set foot in Zara, because I refuse to walk into the Sydney store until the hype dies down and the crowds bugger off. I'm still waiting LOL xx

  5. I feel the same about Zara. Each time I go in there, I always find the clothes in a mess on tables and they are expensive considering their quality! Great post!

  6. Super interesting stuff. I've never set foot in Zara in Sydney because every time I've tried to, the queue has been absolutely insane - and while I'm curious, I'm not curious enough to wait behind hundreds of other people! ;)

  7. I'm not going till it's much quieter.

    Something tells me people are expecting much more than what it really is: a cheap, high turnover product.

    You're not meant to be able to keep the pieces for decades.

    I personally have loved the bright colours I've seen! I wear super bright lipsticks and nail polish though, I'm all for a hot pink!

  8. im not surprised. zara's quality of clothing is really dependent on location. in some countries i found it to be impeccable quality, really lovely pieces with high street prices. other countries it was an absolute mess, terrible quality/fabric. same thing with topshop and H&M.

    i wasnt holding my breath for australia, i thought they would treat the aussie stores like a seconds wearhouse. so im guessing its somewhere inbetween? once the hype of getting a european store dies down, i'd be keen to check it out whenever i get to syd or melb.


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