08 June 2011

More vintage - the primary school years

Here are some of the clothes I wore in my primary school years. I don't recall too many pictures being taken of me past primary school. These make me laugh.

Some clothes were questionable, like these Christmassy double striped pants next to my Mum's red striped top.
I think this dress was so pretty and I wish I still had it. I don't think I wore it much.
TRIPLE denim!!!!!! Eeek.
And this one - what I wore to my year six graduation. I love everything about it and would love a recreation! LOVE the colour of the suit, love the bell sleeves.

See more vintage pictures here and here.


  1. Oh yeah baby, rocking the triple denim! I love looking back on old photos and having a laugh. What scares me though is the fact that right now I think I'm totally fashionable and on trend...but I know in five or ten years I'm going to look back at photos from 2011 and think, "WTF was I thinking?!" Great photos! xxx

  2. I think we were all guilty of the triple denim at some point!! And from memory, I had a dress very similar to yours, except with a blue sash. Or possibly white...

  3. The dress you loved so much is the same as one I made for my daughter's primary graduation. Different fabric in green and white with a green sash. I thought she looked great and was disappointed when dropping her off to see all the other girls in junior sizes of adult evening gowns and cocktail dresses. These kids were 12!!
    Don't want to offend but I don't like your graduation outfit,(style) although the blue colour is lovely.

  4. Love these pictures! I believe I may have also rocked triple denim in the past hehe!! I love your graduation outfit, and your dress with the xmas tree is so pretty!! xx


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