29 June 2011

More Offspring fashion

The highlight of my TV viewing week is Offspring. This series is funnier, more heartfelt and more stylish than the last. I've said it before - I want to borrow Nina and Billie Proudman's clothes. I am in love! Their style is so achievable.

The grey shirt Nina wore on 27 June is by Palma Australia.

 The dress is by Wheels and Dollbaby.

 Billie's dress is Stella McCartney for Target.

The skirt is by Mimosa.


  1. Loving Offspring for so many reasons - and yes, Nina's style is one of them. Am working on blog post about it at the moment so will link back to you, Carly x

  2. I looooove that vest in the first photo!!!

    Where oh where is it from Offspring-Fashion-Detective Carly?!


  3. i agree. i love the fashion and don't miss an episode! yah for it being wednesday. thanks for the share carly :-)

  4. I love her clothes too, and the gold jewellery. Wish I knew where a few more pieces came from...

  5. I'm loving Offspring so much this season too.

    Thanks for the great fashion rundown, Carly!

    Billie wore a different Stella for Target dress the other week, the very same one that I have!


    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Hi Carly,

    I think Nina's Proudman's wardrobe is a very highly sought after item at the moment. Loving how not only wearable but very versatile her outfits are.

  7. I'm loving the show and the style of Nina. I have a cropped denim jacket that i was on the verge of putting it in a clothing donation bin, but have now been wearing it heaps!

    I am also loving the dynamics of the family - it seems a bit more real than many TV families.

  8. Oh! Love these posts. I am SO loving Offspring. It's complete fashion inspiration too. Loving it all.
    Heidi xo

  9. I LOVE Offspring and I am totally in love with Dr Patrick!


  10. I am a doctor and LOVE Nina, she is def. my fave TV doc.
    LOVE the show.

  11. I so wish I was Nina ... I mean great clothes and getting to kiss Patrick Reid - WOWZA!!

  12. Does anyone know where the great white lace dress and the multi coloured knit dress with the cut out sleeves come from - the white dress was divine

  13. I love her clothes, does anyone know what the crop brown leather jacket and where to get it and also the fossil wristband. luv the show!!!

  14. Hey fellow nina fans :)
    Be sure to check out the Wolfram & York custom tailored prairie skirt, inspired by the gorgeous Nina Proudman.

    A and K Baudelaire

  15. They also get a lot of Nina's clothes from the 'clear it' warehouse store on Brunswick st! They stock brands like Allannah Hill and Dangerfield (though I'm not sure I've seen Nina in these), but I've seen lots of her little vests and scarves there!


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