31 May 2011

Thank yous, and winners of the Hungry Designs competition

It seems like I am forever harping on about singing the praises of the wonderful blogging community. But I value it so much, so why not sing them again!

Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog, leaves comments, shares links, tweets me and enjoys what I write about. Some of you are so loyal and leave comments on most posts I write. Sometimes I wonder if I am interacting with my readers enough. I wish I had the time to read and comment on every blog I see, but I just don't. I am actually considering providing a bit of an internship to a media student to promote my blog (and perhaps others' blogs). Thoughts?

I read every comment you leave, and though I don't always reply on my blog, I appreciate the conversation generated. Last week I wrote a post about perceptions of disability, and I am so happy with the way readers joined in on the conversation. You had some really interesting things to say - thank you.

I love that you enjoy and comment on my serious posts just as much as the frivolous fashion ones. I received a comment on Facebook that they prefer my serious writing to my pictorial posts. In all honesty the serious ones can be emotionally and time draining on me - lots of research and introspect involved - and frankly, I don't have enough heavy stuff in my life to feature here. And I like to mix it up a bit - write about lots of different things in my life.

There is a Twitter follower (a few actually) who reads my blog without fail, usually over breakfast, and leaves lovely messages on my blog. Belinda - thank you so much, Belinda.

I received a really lovely comment in response to a comment I left on a Mamamia article.
Thanks, An Idle Dad :) It was a lovely message to receive. It's nice to know the impact we have on people.

I also received a request to feature on an international fashion blog - a friend from uni writes This Style is Mine. So very flattering. Thanks Anna!

I have been reading some really inspirational writing lately. I couldn't sleep on Sunday night and so I delved into EdenLand. I'd already mentioned Eden's blog entry about doing kind things for blogging friends last week. But I want to show you some amazing posts she's written. This one on Bono - I love reading about fans meting their idols, especially when the idols take interest in their fans. And I was moved by this entry called Drive for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers competition. Drive is a beautiful post about family. And it got her into the finals of the competition. I also love Oh Nicky you're so pretty. It's about when her son met his idol 'Nicky' Mouse. Her son cried when he met Mickey Mouse, and when Eden asked him why he cried, he said "I just love Nicky mum. I love him.". So sweet. The way Eden writes is so gentle yet so passionate, honest and raw, and loving. I feel like I am living in Eden's moments. Thank you Eden for sharing your writing and wisdom. And for inspiring me to be a better writer.

Also, I have drawn the winners of the Hungry Designs brooch competition. They are Kyls, Marilyn McSweetie and Pink Penguin. Congratulations, I will be in touch soon to get your postal details. You will receive a brooch each. And thanks to everyone for entering - another competition will be run soon. And a big thank you to Amanda from Hungry Designs for donating the brooches and also for promoting my blog.

In summary - a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog. You taking the time to read my writing and enjoy what I write is such an honour. And thanks for generating great conversation. Thank you.


  1. Oh good lord i nearly cried into my porridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You cover a variety of topics and that what brings me back. I know it is hard to comment on every blog you read. But it is nice to have readers leave a comment every now and then.

  3. This was such a lovely post (as always). I don't have much spare time while doing my Masters, but Tune Into Radio Carly is one of very few blogs I read every single entry of because your writing is so amazing, even if I don't comment all that often. I love both your light-hearted entries and the serious ones and I think it's a great mix. Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog, Carly.

  4. I don't often leave comments, I'm too busy reading all the other blogs on my list and I don't always leave comments on those either. I do comment if the post touches a chord or sparks some kind of interest in me.


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