06 May 2011

My trip to Brisbane - meeting Faux Fuchsia, Willow + Lotus, and excessive consumption of the breakfast buffet

Last week I went to Brisbane for work for three days. It was a grand event. Two things I noticed about Brisbane - the humidity made my curls look good, and the temperature is a really warm type of cool. Weird. It was a nice bed in my hotel, but there was no doona. Just a blanket covered by a sheet. I was cold and I missed having a doona.
Let's not beat around the bush. The jeans I wore to dinner at Treasury Casino on Wednesday night did not fit me on Friday night. I ate too much.  I ate four plates of seafood,
 Some ribs and sweet potato...
 And a plate of desserts...
And the breakfast buffet where at 7.15 am I ate a plate of camenbert and swiss cheese, cold meat and fruit
 And some jars of lychee rice pudding (ok I had two jars) plus lavender fruit salad...
 And eggs royale to celebrate the Royal wedding.
I was longing for some maternity style jeans to fit the foodbaby in my tummy.

I was invited to a glamourous jewellery launch at The Tribune Brisbane. The Tribune is located in a funky warehouse style building and it stocks high end and emerging designers. All the glamourous people were there.
There was some coloured cuffed pant action.
And some citrus jewels mixing it with some citrus fruit.
The launch was for Red Phoenix Emporium's Dolce Vita Collection. It's inspired by Italian fashion and food. There was gelati to match the jewels.
I loved it all.

I especially loved the long necklaces.
Here I am with Red Phoenix Emporium's beautiful designers, Lotus and Willow.
Their Dad was there too, very proud and taking pictures. He also has a blog. He took this one of Lotus and I. Mandatory dress shot...
And a shot to make us look taller.
I bought a Red Phoenix Emporium brooch. I love the light and shade it reflects.
 And it came with a cute pouch!
I also admired the art of Andy Geppert, who illustrated these postcards and the invite for the launch.
 I also bought two pretty cards Andy designed.
The most anticipated moment of my Brisbane trip was meeting Faux Fuchsia at the Tribune. She is so friendly, funny, lovely and beautiful. She was radiant. And her clothes sparkled.
And Baby Faux Fuchsia is as cute as a little designer frock button. I had a long cuddle and he didn't cry. Perfect baby! He wore a cardi that matched red cuffed pant man's.
I had a wonderful night. I loved meeting Willow, Lotus and FF's friends, and another blog reader Anne-Marie and her daughter Kate. Thanks for the invite, it was so very special. The Red Phoenix Emporium blog even lists me as a celebrity!
On my way back home I captured two rainbows.

I arrived home exhausted because a lot of work was done in between social engagements, but I was so happy because I had a nice time.


  1. What a lovely recap!

    Happy Friday, Carly!

    SSG xxx

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic trip! Those food pics are making me hungry...

    bf x

  3. I am LOVING there latest dress collection, going to buy a couple I think come pay day.

    It looks like you had an ammmmazing time ladybug!

  4. Hi C

    Thank you for these kind words. I loved meeting you too and so did the baby! He loves being held all the time! One of the best things about blogging is that you get to meet other bloggers and hear about their interesting lives. You looked great too and I loved your outfit and as always I admire your courage and grace and sense of humour. You are an inspiration to me and lots of other people too. I hope we can catch up again one day soon, Stay strong xxxxxxx

  5. OMG. I want those gold shoes!!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, even if you did wish you had maternity jeans for the food baby :)

  6. That looks like some great food.
    I don't like those shoes in the pictures though.
    The brooch you bought is very pretty, very you.

  7. I think I put on weight just looking at those photos of food! So much delicious stuff - there's no resising that.

  8. Dear Carly, Another great post! Firstly, I was shocked that a hotel would not have a doona. Doonas are essential! Such glamour and good food! Brisbane is a wonderful place. I am only sorry that I did not get to visit the Tribune too (had to go to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary instead!) I am very envious of your meeting Baby FF together with the glamorous Ms FF and the stylish Phoenix sisters. Lindaxxx

  9. Fantastic photos, what an amazing trip! I am so jealous of you and FF meeting up - I would love to meet BOTH of you! xx

  10. It was so nice to have you at the event Carly - after reading your blog for so long it really felt like we had a celebrity attending! I love that we were both wearing shoes that we got for $40 on sale - too funny! So glad you had a great time at the launch and hope we can catch up again soon - I think I am coming to Melbourne in July so you will have to pencil me in :)


  11. It looks like so much fun! All your breakfast eats sound amazing - especially the lavender fruit salad. You all looks so lovely at the launch :)
    Heidi xo

  12. Hi Carly - great outfit! A little biased though because I have the exact same dress/shirt and still a favourite of mine :) it does look great on you!
    LOVE those shoes too.
    - KK

  13. Dear Carly have not visited your blog for ages which is My Loss! Just wanted to say how lovely you look in your outfit, sounds like a lovely evening. xx

  14. Hi Carly, I am glad you like your cards.
    Thanks for your nice comments.



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