04 May 2011

More vintage photo fun

I had such fun over Easter looking through old treasures. Here are some more pictures I want to share.
1982. I think there was some twinkle twinkle little star action happening here.
1982. In the back of the car I had until I was 26.
1985. My bag was as big as me!
Concentrating on gluing. At preschool in pussybow and pinafore. 1986.
In the paddling pool. This is as outdoorsy/waterbaby as you'll ever see me.
 My first bike. Christmas day, maybe 1986.

I have some pictures from when I was at primary school - very questionable fashion! Look out!!


  1. Love the photos from memory lane! Your mum always looks super-stylish but you're also doing quite well in that cute blue pinafore.

  2. I love that last photo haahhaha it made me smile :)

  3. Loved you on the bike. I have to say if I'd had bows like that on my girls clothes they'd have refused to wear them. Neither of them is the fuss and frills type.

  4. Awww, I love all your vintage photos! I'm going to have to round up some of my favourites of me I think.

  5. I love a good pinafore and the pussy bow blouse is the crowning touch of awesome.

  6. so cute- love all the 80s fashion!!!!!!!

  7. Vintage photos are the best :) Looking through my old family photos make me happy.

    I love the 2nd photo where your mum is looking at you adoringly.


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