19 May 2011

My article about John Hughes from MasterChef Australia

I interviewed John Hughes from MasterChef Australia and the article was published on DiVine this week.

It's not often a person with a disability appears on commercial television. And it is certainly not often that a person's disability is overlooked and their skills showcased. I am so impressed his disability came second to his talent on MasterChef. John Hughes, who has cerebral palsy, recently won the admiration of Australia while competing on the popular reality TV show MasterChef. He was most famous for not plating up a dish because he wasn't proud of it, and then cooked the best crocodile Matt Preston has ever tasted!

You can read the full article at DiVine.

I was super excited that Channel 10 read my article and tweeted the link, saying it was a great article. Getting read by those who matter!

John makes wine and has his own wine label called Riesling Freak. He now hopes to mentor children with disabilities and their families, and work in food and wine media.

Read more of my writing at DiVine.


  1. Snap, great work!! Can't wait to read the article. I've missed a lot of Masterchef but was impressed with what I did see of John, his talent and attitude.
    Heidi xo

  2. I LOVED John and was sad to see him go :( Congrats to you though on a brilliant article x

  3. Go you! Clicking over to read it now :-)

  4. I have absolutely no interest in Masterchef.
    I'm glad John wasn't disqualified just because of a little disability though.

  5. How exciting! Congrats of scoring the interview :)

  6. Always nice to hear about disabled people having success!

  7. Inspiring stuff indeed - I'm off to have a read. X

  8. This is a great article Carly! I was so disappointed that John was eliminated - he is so much more talented than some of the ones still in the competition! I hardly watch Masterchef now hehe.


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