21 May 2011

All the big questions from Rebecca Jade McGuire

This week I was asked all the big questions. Fellow blogger, Rebecca Jade McGuire, featured me at her place. I really like her blog - she's a bit like me in that she writes about frivolous and irrelevant things and somehow makes them relate (she said this about me too!), and her writing style and content suggests she talks a mile a minute.

Rebecca also wrote a really nice intro about me too. It made me all warm and fuzzy.

Here are the big questions. Ok, they are a bit silly. It was my week off from saving the world's big issues.

Who are you, really?
A late (but always punctual) 20something Melbourne woman, looking much younger than my years, and always looking for Mr Right. 

I work full time, am a freelance writer, and a TV presenter on Channel 31's No Limits program.

My main thoughts are 'what will I wear next?'and 'what will I eat next?'. I like cooking and eating, shopping, fashion, writing, seeing live music and meeting celebrities. I once waited for Darren Hayes for six hours outside the TV studio. It was a Melbourne winter. Some girls rocked up after I'd been waiting five and three quarter hours, and I told them to queue up behind me to meet Darren, as I've been waiting a long time. They did. Marcia Hines was also there. She was really interested in talking to me, but I needed to cut our conversation short to go meet Darren Hayes (for the seventh time).

What do you write about?
Life. Bands, food, fashion, my oft-failed romances, meeting celebrities, and chronic illness/disability.

Why do you write?
Because I love it. I love articulating my thoughts. I love the community writing creates. And I love continuously improving my observation, research and writing skills.
I enjoy interviewing people and creating an article. There's always a story to be told.

What are your feelings on the always relevant topic of Jennifer Aniston?
If she stopped making awful movies, maybe her love life would be more successful. Hold on, does that mean I am also making awful movies??? She's dated Brad Pitt and John Mayer. I don't find either of them attractive. 

What do you do that you know is bad for you, but you can't help?
Scratch. I can't help it but I am always itchy. Sometimes my scalp gets so itchy I scratch my head on corners of furniture. Is that too much information? Deal with it.

What is a topic that you have absolutely no interest in, thus when people talk about it, you employ hardcore listening skills such as nodding intermittently and maintaining eye contact, whilst wondering what's on TV tonight?
When people talk about their love for singers that I hate. Like their passion for Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Usher and Nickleback. Often they tell me how talented these singers are. I immediately feel like whipping out my iPod and giving them an earful of talent. Dare me to?

Pearl Bay (SeaChange) or Wandin Valley (A Country Practice)?
Wandin Valley. I have a soft spot for Matt Day. He's cute. 

When have the Karma Police caught up with you?
For those times my jaw has dropped when seeing people wearing clothes that should not be worn, I once had my skirt tucked into my undies while I waited for a train. A lady alerted me. She told me she doesn't think anyone saw. Of course they saw. She did.

What is your arguing style? (Eg. tantrum-thrower, avoid conflict altogether, screamer, snark?)
I think I am a sulker and a princess. 

What are you frightened of that is stupid?
Milk touching me. I hate it. I hate seeing spilled milk too. 

What's the nicest bit about your personality?
I am always forgiving those I shouldn't. That's the nice/doormat bit of my personality. 

Do you think Oprah is full of herself?If I was that successful - and one day I will be - I would be parading my confidence and success too. I think she should take me under her bingo wings, and together we can rule the world with our TV presenting skills, big appetites, curly hair and African heritage (the four things I know we have in common). I like her. She helps the needy and she's vibrant.

Do you ever wonder what happened to Nudge from Hey Dad? If so, what's your hypothesis? (Do not Google.)
No. Never. But I wonder if Betty was based on an actual person, and just how many computer screens she ruined by using Whiteout.

The end :)

You should read the rest of Rebecca's blog. She's way cool. She's Aussie. And she has thought about celebs she'd like too be friends with. I like a girl who dreams big.


  1. Love this Carly! So funny! I reckon there would be lots of Betty's out there! And def Wandin Valley!! A really good read!

  2. Love it, you crack me up. Oh and about the milk thing, don't be sitting next to my 3yr old when he has milk and weetbix every morning. It would be torture for you! xx


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