08 May 2011

Crowd surfing + beer showers - Jebediah at the Corner Hotel

I saw Jebediah play live on Friday night. Thanks to their latest release She's Like a Comet, and of course, Bob Evans, I have come to like their back catalogue that I missed during my teens (of course I was listening to Savage Garden and Jebediah were too scary for me). My friend R was down to stay and we met C and S there (who I first met last year when I saw Bob Evans at the Tote). It was a great night.

We arrived really early and positioned ourselves front row centre against the temporary mosh barrier. I kept having flashbacks to the times when I was in the mosh at Placebo, Screaming Jets and Kings of Leon (60 % awful, 40 % awesome), and realised being in a Jebediah mosh was not sensible for my health. I couldn't risk overheating and being pounded by a strong crowd. I was proud to brave three songs and a beer shower, and then made a difficult sideways exit. Some people were worried about how red I was and let me past, so that was beneficial. I managed to take three close up photos while front row, including this one.
My friends were the real heroes of the night - they braved the biffo, bottles to the head, beer showers and crowd surfers, and held their places in the front and centre for all of Jebediah's set. Well done girls.

Meanwhile, I positioned myself in a much safer spot next to the security guard at the front of the stage. I received a couple of thumps to my body from the very excited guys near me jumping around - and also a grazed forehead after one of the guys gave me a bristley hug to console me from him stepping on my foot. But overall I was pleased to have a comfortable spot with a great view.
Jebediah played a number of songs from their new album. But it was a mostly nostalgic show that took the crowd back to the late 90s. It was energetic, sweaty, rocking fuzzpop. I could barely recognise the sweet country voice I am used to hearing from Kevin Mitchell. But I did love his nasal sounds on Friday.
There were a lot of crowd surfers. Another reason I am glad I did not stay at the front. Though I was kind of envious of their (drunken?) bravery and trust in the crowd.
I took lots of photos. This one is my favourite.
I also took a video of Harpoon. I die.

I am so glad I've discovered this awesome music - many years after it was released. Thanks Jebediah for a great show!


  1. You always go to the most interesting events and concerts! Thanks for braving the crazy dancing people and bringing us these photos and stories. :)

  2. Dear Carly, The photos are excellent. I am glad that you enjoyed the evening. I now know that I really am 102 because it sounded a little scary to me! I think these events did not have beer showers when I used to attend - people valued their beer more highly! Lindaxxx

  3. Sounds fun, but kinda exhausting! You *do* go to fun things; I'm glad you didn't get "squished"!

  4. Looks like quite the wild show!!!! Another fun night in the life of Carly!

  5. You remind me how fun but exhausting live music shows can be. And brave--beer showers, I thought that ended with frat parties, but apparently not. Hope you are off to a very happy new week!

    xo Mary Jo


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