29 May 2011

No more Tomorrow for Silverchair or Spicks and Specks. First Ladies of Style. A jam packed week.

This past week has been so busy I've barely had time to rest. It has all caught up with me and now I am sick with a cold. I have spent the day in bed catching up on blogs and watching the TV I missed out on in the week. A meal is cooking in the slow cooker but I cannot smell its deliciousness.

I've seen several bands, acquired two set lists from the concerts (Eskimo Joe and Bachelor Girl), and met most of the members of the two main acts. Here is a sneak peak of me with Bachelor Girl last night.
Concert reviews coming soon. I also interviewed Tania Doko last week. You can read the interview here.

Yesterday I had a girls day/night out with three of the lovely girls I met at High Tea. It was great to catch up and laugh and eat. We did some speed friending at Be My Wingman and had dinner before Bachelor Girl. We went for convenience over interestingness and dined at Nandoes next to The Forum. I had so much chicken at Nandos. I was starving after only eating my cold remedy of pho with chilli and lemon at 11 am. I can proudly say I wolfed down the burger minus the bun, all of the chips, and a quarter chicken with hot sauce. Go me.
I also did a speech at a Grit Media function - more to come about that later this week.

This past week saw announcements the end of two of my favourite things. The music game show Spicks and Specks and the Australian band Silverchair. Both want to finish on a high.

Spicks and Specks is regular TV viewing for me. And when I go to my parents', Dad and I put our hands on buzzers and take the game very seriously. Mum usually annoys us with talking through the show, but it's all in good fun. I love the segment where singers sing the tune to a song from the lyrics of an eccentric book. Grace Woodroffe sung beautifully using a book about bowel movement. Spicks and Specks is side splittingly funny. Adam Hills has great one liners and team captains Adam Brough and Myf Warhurst know their music. The guests are usually the funniest part of the show. I will miss Spicks and Specks a lot.
And Silverchair. They haven't released music or toured for a while so I guess it was inevitable they were going to call it a day. Or "indefinite hibernation".
Their statement:
"We formed Silverchair nearly 20 years ago when we were just 12 years old. Today we stand by the same rules now as we did back then ... if the band stops being fun and if it's no longer fulfilling creatively, then we need to stop.   Therefore after much so...ul searching we wanted to let you know that we're putting Silverchair into "indefinite hibernation" and we've decided to each do our own thing for the foreseeable future.   We assure you that this decision has not been taken lightly. In fact we've been struggling with it for quite a while now.   Back in 2009 we went into the studio to start work on a record. Initially things were going well and as a result we did some shows in 2010 to maintain creative momentum. However, over the months that followed in the studio it became clear to us that we were moving in different directions. Despite our best efforts over the last year or so, it's become increasingly clear that the spark simply isn't there between the three of us at the moment.   As a result we've decided to put the band into 'a deep sleep' while we all do other things that we find more inspiring right now. This means that Silverchair won't be making music together or playing shows any time soon. It also means that the three of us won't be working together unless and until it feels right again.   We understand some of you may be disappointed by this news but we really see it as a liberating and positive step for us at this point in our lives.   We also want to make it really clear that this decision has been made with the best possible intentions. We've always tried our hearts out to make the best music we could possibly make at the time - regardless of commercial consequences.   The three of us still truly care about each other. At the moment Ben’s busy in the studio recording his own music, Chris is working on various business, musical and charitable ventures while Daniel is creating a film soundtrack and working on other musical projects. We hope you'll continue to take an interest in our individual work over the years ahead.   In closing we'd like to acknowledge all the people 'behind the scenes' who've helped us keep this train on the tracks since we first started playing in a garage. There are too many to name but they know who they are and we truly appreciate all their love and hard work.   Above all though we want to thank you for all your support in good times and bad. You've put up with our long breaks between albums, our constantly changing musical styles and lots more. The unbelievable loyalty we've been shown by you our audience, and our friends, has never gone unnoticed or unappreciated. That’s why we wanted to tell you first.   With Sincere Thanks For Your Understanding.   Sweet Dreams.   Daniel, Ben and Chris"

Silverchair marked the maturing of my music tastes. I loved Neon Ballroom especially Miss You Love, which I wrote about in depth. I wrote poetry inspired by Daniel Johns' lyrics - they helped me explore my own issues of isolation. The Across the Night tour in 2003 was the reason I chose Melbourne as a place to work - I received job offers in Canberra and Melbourne and had bought tickets to Silverchair's Melbourne show so I thought if I lived in Canberra I couldn't make it to see them. I returned to Albury to see them with Powderfinger in 2007.
And I have always admired Daniel's courage and honesty about his struggles with anorexia, bullying and arthritis.

Silverchair have written and recorded some brilliant music. It is complex and theatrical. I look forward to their solo pursuits.

Emotion Sickness is also a favourite of mine. I think it's a masterpiece.

Vale Spicks and Specks and Silverchair.

Lastly, like so many others, I was inspired by Princess Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama's fashion frenzy when they met in London last week. Stunning. So elegant.
I tweeted this story and my friend stated "only Carly shares the important news". Indeed. The dresses made world headlines - particularly Kate's which was a steal at 175 GBP. Shoppers eager to dress like a Duchess made the Reiss website crash. You can buy your own Shola bandage dress here - just make sure you call Kate to see if she's wearing it the same time as you. You don't want to be mistakenly papped while wearing it.
Kate needn't worry about me turning up to the same party as her in the Shola dress, but Michelle Obama better watch out. I am stealing her style.  Raiding her wardrobe. I LOVE this!

I think these First Ladies can run the world simply on their fashion choices.


  1. I love Emotion Sickness. It got sucng with a lot of tears over the years

  2. Carly!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I am exhausted from trying to sort out the mess that is my wardrobe.

    I agree, love both Kate and Michelle's looks.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. Silverchair got me through some tough times too. I used to listen to their songs at night, during periods of insomnia.

  4. I adore silver chair song :)

    BTW, I'm in love with your blog and I wonder if we can follow each other..? what do you think ? even if no, I will be your follower <3


  5. Silverchair breaking up made me very nostalgic for my youth---- good memories.
    And Princess Kate can in my mind, do no fashion wrong. I love this dress! For me, it tops Michelle Obama's look....

  6. Fiona - Emotion Sickness is so underrated. It is a gem.

    SSG - I need you to help me with my wardrobe!!

    Littlefish - I think music helps so many. What's so lovely about silverchair is their music and lyrics may be complex, but it's so relatable.

    Pralinka - thank you for loving my blog. :) I will check yours out soon.

    Alexis - I think Kate will be a style icon of our generation. She's stunning.

  7. Hi Carly, just catching up on your blog now - your fashion comments in particular made me giggle so I just had to respond ^_^


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