28 May 2011

Lissie at Northcote Social Club

Lissie at Northcote Social Club, 
19 May 2011

Two Thursdays ago, Hayley and I went to see Lissie at the Northcote Social Club. It was a fantastic night - friends, cider, pub meals and live music.

Lissie was supported by the wonderful Owl Eyes - a young Melbourne singer. Her songs were full of life and fun to listen to. At one point I signed and said "I love her".
She had a cute little dress on and a sparkle in her eye. The perfect opener to Lissie.

When Lissie came on, I was reminded of her drummer, Stuart Wilkison and his perfect hair.
 Lissie was amazing. She sounds like Stevie Nicks with country twang. Her bassist described her as "too awesome". Indeed she was.

I loved In Sleep, Everywhere I Go, When I'm Alone and The Bully. Her voice is so powerful, like an extra instrument. Deep, echoey and husky. My favourite of the show was a cover of Martine Nightingale's classic, Get Right Back. A lovely surprise! Upbeat, dance inducing and fun!
Her band also packed so much power, with some great solos. And they were funny.
I spent a lot of time (again) admiring her drummer.

After the show I asked him for a photo. I told him I think he is the best looking drummer in the world.
He was very flattered. And such a polite, soft spoken Englishman.
When I met Lissie she remembered me from my blog. She said she knows I have a crush on her drummer! They googled him on tour, and found my blog! She spent lots of time talking to fans and posing for photos. She is so lovely.

Here is my friend Peter and I with Lissie.


  1. Thanks for recording that song. I love it!

  2. It was a wonderful night! I am so glad that you got under the arm of that drummer at the end of it ;P xx

  3. What a wonderful evening you had. I don't get to go to live music events very much, anymore. I miss that. Thanks for sharing your evening with us!

  4. great review--- and her drummer is pretty cute ;)

  5. Love this Carly :) I recently discovered Owl Eyes- I adore her too, her cover of Pumped Up Kicks is amazing :)


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