11 May 2011

Big tough boots

I have been receiving so many compliments on my new boots. My big tough boots. I love them! When Westfield's online store offered me a free pair of shoes, of course I said yes! I don't fancy shoe shopping as my feet are teeny tiny, and so I thought shoe shopping online would be tricky. The safe option for me was to choose these boots. They are a perfect fit and are so comfy and warm. And the buckles are adjustable to the fat and skinny parts of my legs.
It was three degrees when I woke up yesterday, and only reached the mid teens. So I put together a snuggly outfit for work. Really proud of my effort considering I was tired, cold and had to navigate my floordrobe in semi darkness. My new Jag jumper I bought in Brisbane after seeing it feature in Shop til You Drop mag, old faithful herringbone pleated skirt from Jay Jays circa 2004, old and not often worn floral linen shirt, a scarf given to me by a friend, and my warm hooded jacket from Target. A Mimco headband, and a rabbit brooch. And my new big tough boots.
 If you'd like some for yourself, they are Novo brand in Baldwin style.
Thanks Westfield, I'll be wearing them all winter!

 (Yes this was a sponsored blog post but you'd do one too if you got free boots as kick arse as mine.)


  1. Looking hawt Miss Carly. It's even cold in QLD! What gives? Oh wait, that's right, it's nearly winter. Hope you have a great day lovely.xx

  2. I agree. Very Hawt! Thanks for the sponsored blog post, because I'm checking out that store. (You have tiny feet too? This makes me happy, because I'm a size 3 kids shoe, so finding shoes without glitter on them is kind of hard. Maybe there is hope!)

  3. Those boots look awesome! I'm desperately searching for a pair of flat boots...harder than you'd think!

  4. I know it's Autumn... but really, what is with the FREEZING weather here in Melb?
    Love the boots, just what's needed this week. Brrrr...

  5. Awesome boots are awesome! Thanks for posting this - it's great inspiration for my planned boot-shopping expedition tomorrow. I have a %40 off voucher for Novo and I plan to make good use of it. :D

  6. Oh your boots are so cute! I like them with the skirt too. Nice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. I also had on big, tough boots today, steel toe Doc Martens that I have for work. I think yours are cuter, though & would have been great for the fall-like spring day that we had today.


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