18 May 2011

Bloggers road trip. The playlist. Win a New Ford Territory for a Year and $5,000

I've found myself in another blogging competition. The Kidspot and Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers competition. A friend asked if there is any competition I haven't entered into. The Olympics. Duh. And considering I am not a mummy blogger, don't have children, have only written about children a few times, and I don't handle other peoples' poo or spew well (the requisites of being a good parent, in my opinion), I find myself pretty lucky to be on this list! If I win this competition, I will get to drive around a new Ford Territory for a year, and also pocket $5000 (is this more than the baby bonus??)! 

You can help me win by voting for me - it only takes one click. You don't even have to enter your email address. Easy.

Some of the other fabulous bloggers in the Kidspot Top 50 invited me on a virtual road trip as a part of this competition. Yay! (You can vote for them in the competition too!)

Nikki at Styling You compiled a list of fashion must haves for the road trip, Jodie from Mummy Mayhem vlogged about it in a way only she can, Bern from So Now What wrote a post about road hazards and Bianca from Big Words Blog thought it'd be a good idea to put down some road rules. I am living up to my blog's name by taking charge of the tunes. Last time I was on a road trip with my friend, I was singing along to Bob Evans, and my friend told me I 'ain't no Australian Idol'. Thanks. Can't wait to receive those insults about my singing again on this road trip!
I asked the girls what music they liked. Fortunately a lot some of it was daggy. Just the kind I like to sing along to in the car! And I had a think about some driving-themed songs, to up the ante on the dag scale.  Driving-themed songs are all about escape. When I drive alone I like to take the time to listen to lyrics - reflect on my life and think about the life the singer may have had. I also like to sing loud to fast songs. It makes me the trip go faster.

Singing along in the car is sober karaoke. You can hit all the high notes and bust air guitar moves as far as your seatbelt will stretch. Of course your fellow passengers may groan at at least one of your song choices. And you may even make other travellers laugh when they pull up alongside you at the traffic lights and hear you singing any of these songs:

Big Red Car Ford Territory - The Wiggles

Chances are I'll be the only one in the car not knowing the words. But this will give me time to rest my vocal chords before I belt out the Darren Hayes song.

Hey Driver - Motor Ace

Motor Ace. One of the most underrated Australian bands ever. I vote we play this song each time we change drivers.

Sweet Child Of Mine - Guns n Roses

Bianca knows every word. And I love doing Guns n Roses at karaoke.

Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

There's no guilt about singing to bogan rock when you're in the comfort of your car.

Fast Car - Tracey Chapman

I don't condone speeding. But you have to admit it feels pretty good to drive along to Fast Car, with the windows down, pretending like you're taking off to start a new life.

Go Your Own Way - Glee does Fleetwood Mac

Jodie loves the Glee soundtrack. And I am quite besotted with this cover.

Casey - Darren Hayes

This song makes me think of the times I just wanted to escape my small town. And I can indeed belt out every word. I love Darren Hayes. He does a good driving song. Plus Bern is a Savage Garden fan too. So maybe we can do a duet?

Passenger - Powderfinger

One of Nikki's favourite bands. And is there a more appropriate song title for a road trip?!

Flame Trees - Cold Chisel

It's a song about returning to a familiar town. Perhaps the town you grew up in? Where the one that got away lives (and doesn't that apply to me?!). You might find find an old friend whose house you can stay the night. And chances are that on this road trip, we will pass through a town familiar to at least one of us. And maybe as we sit we sit at a table with old friends, will see our former sweetheart near where the pianola stands, falling in love with a young local factory out of worker, just holding hands.

Rest Stop - Matchbox Twenty

I often think about whether the woman who dumped Rob Thomas at the rest stop ever regrets it, seeing he's now a big rock star. Or maybe she has never turned on the radio since that night she rejected him.

Love at First Sight - Kylie Minogue 

So when I was six, my parents bought me a Kylie Minogue record for my birthday. Enjoy Yourself. I'd ask them to play the taped version of Enjoy Yourself on our trips to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. It was a 300 km trip. And we'd play Kylie over and over and over. I may have been a difficult child. This song is my favourite Kylie song ever. And it's only apt we play a Kylie song on our road trip!

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

This is my FAVOURITE karaoke song. Ever. It would sound so good being sung on a road trip. Every nooooowwwww and then I fall aparrrrrrtttttttttt.......

Thank you for reading/listening to my road trip playlist. Please consider voting for me and the other girls on our virtual road trip. Who knows - one of us may win the Ford Territory and we can all go on a road trip for real this year!

What are your favourite driving songs?


  1. We seriously need to do this road trip thing for real. I'll bring the Adele. xx Thanks for the Link Up.

  2. Brilliant list Carly. I can hear us all singing now. We would sound AMAZING!!!! I just go jump in my car right now and test out the list. When's everyone free?

  3. Just fabulous. I can see us belting out that Fleetwood Mac song already! Woo-hoo!

    Oh, and I'll bring my own mix-CD too. ;)

    Great stuff, hon. xxx

  4. So, so joining you in that karaoke moment. Oh, Bonnie, so bad but so good. '80s gold. Seriously, girls, I think we need to do this road trip! For real.

  5. Fast Car. Tracy Chapman. Love love love.
    I had the awesomest mix tape for driving back in the day. Some of the songs were from the triple J hottest 100 - back when it was good. It was the BEST. MIX TAPE. EVER. but all I remember now is the song "asshole".

  6. Love the road trip. I note you don't have anyone to pack a flask of coffee and snacks ... want another passenger packing a picnic hamper?

  7. You will need lashings more Fleetwood Mac and Adele (go, Bern!) in that list. Very nice choice of mixed tape, Carly! (can we say that anymore? Mixed CD just sounds so much more lame)

  8. Great list, I love the Tracy Chapman song & the Fleetwood Mac cover (though, I like the original better, love Glee & don't hate the cover, but the original had a lot more real 'drama' behind it). A road trip sounds amazing. Good luck in the contest, I hope you win!

  9. Tracy Chapman and Bon Jovi are excellent picks for a road trip (But a different points in the trek!).

    I just finished getting caught up on a friend's blog who is traveling across the US for 6 months with his wife. They live in the UK, so this has been quite an adventure for them...

  10. Voted for you hoping that if you win the car you will drop in and say hello to me on your travels :) I love the song 'More than a Feeling' by Boston for a great driving song :)

  11. Sweet Child of Mine... the ultimate road trip song if you ask me!
    I also can not go a trip without Hilltop Hoods The Nose Bleed Section.

    Good luck!

  12. Totally voted for you! Good luck Carly.

  13. Love your picks! I voted too, good luck!!

  14. There's really a lot going on for road trip playlists! It makes driving faster, it eases you of the traffic jam headaches, it makes you feel the surrounding scene, it makes for a topic for your passengers, and lots more! Your playlist, hmm, you pretty much cover a lot! It turns your car into a music station on wheels!


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