17 January 2010

Triple J's hottest 100 2009

Voting closes tonight for Triple J's hottest 100. I voted way back on Christmas Eve when I was in lazy holiday mode.

You still have just under two hours to vote at www.abc.net.au/triplej.

Here are my picks.

Mumford and Sons - little lion man - I love the banjo and catchy chorus. 'I really fucked it up this time, didn't I my dear?'

Angus and Julia Stone - and the boys - Julia's voice is divine. This song catches in my mind for ages after I've listened to it. 'And the boys goes on and on...'. I've been a fan of A&J for ages now, since Paper Aeroplane in 2006, I love their honest lyrics and wispy singing. I've seen them on each of their tours since 2006 and met them - they're lovely. I'll be seeing them in March.

Bertie Blackman - heart - this has a killer chorus and is the song that got me properly acquainted with Bertie. I saw her live last year and she was great live.

The Temper Trap - fader and science of fear - I have adored The Temper Trap since I heard Fader. When I bought their album I marvelled at the fact every song was a great song. Saw them live last week and I was blown away. Spectacular! I wanted to vote for Love Lost two but we're limited to 10 votes.

Bob Evans - not fair (Lily Allen cover), hand me downs, someone so much, pasha bulker and we're a mess - this took a lot of narrowing down! I love love love Bob Evans and his album Goodnight Bull Creek tied with The Temper Trap's Conditions as my fave album of 2009. I love the romance and smooth sound of his songs.

I had a few other contenders - Gossip's heavy cross, Phoenix's Lisztomania and Snobscrilla's song with no name. But I'd nerd to create another identity to vote for more!


  1. thanks for visiting my blog!
    cant wait for the triple J cd to come out! i didn't vote. im always lazy like that.
    i saw avatar in 3d and half in french and i thought it was okay.
    i think i need to see it again in 2d here to appreciate it.
    something about my eyes and 3d dont mix well.

    hope u had a lovely weekend!

  2. Hey there
    No probs, thanks for reading mine. I didn't end up voting for the hottest 100 of all time last year, but I have been voting for the yearly hottest 100 for a few years now.
    I think I'll wait for Avatar on DVD to see it again.
    My weekend was lovely - one more day at work this week and I'm off for a week!


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