24 January 2010

Camp costume

Before I went to camp, I said I'd post a photo of me in my costume.

The theme was '10' - to signify 10 ChIPS camps.

On the second night, we had a 10th birthday party, complete with games that 10 years olds would have played (well before the trend for makeup parties, stretch hummers and laser skirmish). We played pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, musical chairs and dancing statues Awesome!

My costume comprised:
- flanno shirt from Savers
- denim shorts
- Doc Martens that I've had since 1995 and STILL wear them and love them
- stockings
- the tee shirt that I made the transfer for - featuring a picture of Nirvana and a line from Smells Like Teen Spirit - 'here we are now. entertain us'.

It symbolised the song, and I guess, the grunge fashion era from the year that I was 10. When Smells Like Teen Spirit was the slacker anthem and Kurt Cobain was rock god.

This is one of the only solo photos I've found so far of me in the costume, Not a great pose, but oh well.


  1. Haha...you looked so very cute!

    I forgot what I wore when I was 10...probably paid more attention to my Sailormoon stickers collection than what I was wearing!

  2. Hey thanks!
    I don't think I ever liked grunge, or wore it, or even listened to music from Seattle when I was 10.
    I was playing with Barbies and wearing frills and pink.
    I didn't start liking Nirvana until 2002.


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