24 January 2010

MacBook Pro!

This is my first blog post from my new computer!

I bit the bullet and held my breath and bought a MacBook Pro yesterday.

Yay! I've wanted one for a long time.

It's very beautiful. So sleek and stunning. Deep down I know I only bought it because of its asthetics.

I've not done anything on it yet apart from use the internet to upload some photos to Facebook. I am keen to explore and welcome any tips or tricks as I am a first time MacBook user (other than using iMacs at uni).

The past five days have been great, but oh so tiring, and right now I'm pretty shattered, so I will report on camp and my fantastic weekend tomorrow or Tuesday (days off work = me time!).

But for now I will embed this You Tube footage of Darren Hayes performing The Lover After Me at his New Years Eve concert. My friend was there - she danced with Darren! (I wasn't able to watch much You Tube on my old computer because it was Just. So . Slow. But now, You Tube ahoy!

Bye for now :)

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  1. New Macbook = Awesometown!! I'm jealous, when this one dies, I'm totally going mac ;D


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