28 January 2010

I love Rush.

It's Thursday night and I have just remembered that I cannot wait until Rush returns to TV.

I also remembered that I haven't told the world outside my Facebook and Twitter accounts and my 'real life' about my love for Rush. Ok then, it seems I may have told the world.

I love Rush.

It's filmed in Melbourne.

It has witty dialogue.

Hot boys in police uniforms.

Action scenes.

Rodger Corser.

Callan Mulvey, Callan Mulvey, CALLAN MULVEY!

What's not to like?

Here is how much I love Rush.

I love Rush.

Please note:

The above pictures were taken at Southern Cross Station, the Channel 10 studios in Melbourne, and the Rush premiere at Hoyts Melbourne Central.

I had a Rush theme birthday party thingy. Friends came over and we watched Rush.

The above pictures were also taken in moments of extreme silliness and idol worship on my part. Even the ones where Callan Mulvey wasn't actually there in real life.

The end.


  1. Awesome post Carly!! :)

    (I miss Rush too!!)... Bring on next season!!

  2. I will have to try and get into it this season- you would think Drazic (!)would be enough.

  3. Ahhh hahahahaa you're so funny, I love Rush too!! The photos are great Carly.

  4. Ahhhh it's Drazic (as he will always be in my mind!) I really love your writing style and sense of humour.

  5. omgggg I love rush too!
    I have been having withdrawals, especially since the girl (urgh don't know her name. The cute one with short dark hair? Always flirts with the other young, dorky cop?) is on those skin cancer ads and now I cannot wait until it's back on!

    There's another blogger who is a huge fan and LOVES Josh/Callan Mulvey

  6. Oh wow! So many Rush lovers! Callan is beautiful.
    I have not seen the skin cancer ad, but will check it out. I call that young dorky cop, Michael, 'Muppet'.
    Thanks for the blog link too - will look soon.
    And a few new commentors/follower - thanks so much for your time and kind words!

  7. Also, forgot to mention in my last comment- love the orange dress you're wearing in the photos, looks great!

  8. Hey thanks Aneets - the dress was a ValleyGirl special for $30! I like it a lot, and wear it to work.

  9. I love Rush too, equal favourite with Grey's Anatomy! I used to work with Rodger Corser's Dad, so I was so excited when he got another gig on TV after Underbelly (which I also loved). Can't wait until the new season starts, although I have a feeling we might have to wait a couple of months?

  10. I am so pleased to see all these Rush fans.
    I don't think they have started filming yet. I will have to watch my DVDs to get me through.
    They filmed near my house and my work, but missed the filming both times. I think I'd flip if I saw Callan and Rodger wearing their tactical response gear.


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