02 January 2010

Not quite new year resolutions...

I was thinking about resolutions for 2010.

Last year I wrote some on my fridge. I think they will be ongoing mantras to follow, not limited to just one year.

I don't really have strict resolutions this year, only to find a good hairdresser, tone up my body, and expand my social neworks (physical, not virtual!).

Since I last posted, putting the call out for a compassionate hairdresser, I have received seven suggestions. Seven! Thankyou interwebs :) On Monday (my last day of Christmas holidays) I will give them a call. Here's hoping something good will come to my hair! Thank you to everyone who gave their suggestions! I appreciate it so much.

I am currently searching for bellydancing classes in my area. I need gentle exercise and bellydance is good. Sadly my favourite bellydance school has beginners classes on the same night as I have uni. But I will find something, and then shimmy my way to slimmer thighs and tummy.


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