27 January 2010

Operation Beautiful

Starting from tomorrow, in my quest for wellbeing and wholeness this year, I am going to participate in Operation Beautiful.


This is a wonderful message written on the sand by Anne
, posted at the Operation Beautiful website.

I am going to write positive affirmations on post it notes and stick them on surfaces I pass.

To remind random people of their beauty, inside and out.

Who else has been inspired to take this challenge?


  1. I love this idea, such a simple pleasure.

  2. Yey!!! So glad you are joining in on the Operation Beautiful mission! I've been leaving little post its for the last few months, and like to think that it may have helped at least one person out there. Leave on at the hospital when you are next there!! I like leaving them on the bus and in the shops - on the changeroom mirror. I know this is when I'm most vulnerable.

    And don't forget to leave some nice notes for yourself too!

    Post some pics of notes you leave :)

  3. i operation beautified the back of the toilet door and the mirror at the gym tonight. no photos though.
    i wonder who found them?


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