24 January 2010

My first outfit post

Excuse the chubby legs. They're actually not as chubby in real life, the camera adds 10 kilos.

I have been inspired by some fashion bloggers to do some fashion blogging.

Here is a photo of the outfit I bought yesterday. I was wearing it at the hen's night. I felt fabulous, though it was a cold night.

I bought the shorts (which are kind of like a ruffled skirt) from a shop called Kinki Gerlinki, and the top from Forever New. The top was ridiculously reduced, just the way I like to buy clothes.

The shorts may well be the most outrageous piece of clothing I own. They were very comfortable, which negates that semi outrageousness, I like to use the term 'quirky'.

I will get permission from my friend, the hen at the hen's night, and maybe post a picture with our faces on, so you can see the top.

My Mum, two friends and I went on a mammoth shopping trip. 9:30 am - 5:00 pm! I haven't done that in ages. I actually only bought a pair of not-quite-Converse shoes for $11something from Big W, and the two pieces of clothing above, plus my MacBook.

If you don't count the MacBook, I didn't actually do too much bank damage.


  1. Nonsense...your legs are not fat at all...not even a little!

    I love the shorts and the top!

  2. Thanks!
    I am so in love with my new clothes too!

  3. Cute cute shorts Carly!! Adorable :)

  4. I looveee the colour of the top!!!! Great score xo

  5. Thanks so much Alicia ans Aspiring Goddess :)

  6. I loveee those shorts!
    What a great outfit :)

  7. Thanks Emma - you should check out Kinki Gerlinki - but buy them on sale!! Currently $90 in black and navy.


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