10 April 2011

There is always a way to meet new friends

While the number of friends I have has expanded by what seems like (and Facebook can prove it - Facebook doesn't lie) by 1000+, there's always room for new friends. And honestly, it can be hard making and keeping friends. This weekend I have made a few new friends.

It started off at a birthday party on Friday night where I initially only knew the birthday girl before some mutual friends came. And she introduced me to others who had come on their own, and before we knew it, we were new friends. I felt so included. I met the birthday girl and mutual friends on Twitter.

It helped that there were cocktails in hand. I take drinking very little to the extreme, and almost four cocktails for me was like drinking a case of beer. There was a chocolate one, a bit too alcoholy tasting for me.

Then this one, the one that was wrongly delivered to our table. It was a margerita.
 At the time of drinking, I wrote this:

We didn't really steal the cocktail
It was delivered to the wrong table.
So we drank it.
I asked my new friends if they got cold sores before I drank my share.

Then there was a Turkish delight one. By far the best.
 And lastly, the margerita custard. A little bit good, a little bit yuck.
There were some cute but boring boys who sat near us. I had a Cinderella moment and rushed off. And then it was bed.

On Saturday, I woke up fine. Other than a sore bruised leg. I had some unclassy chips, gravy and cheese for breakfast (they must be healthy if they're from an award winning vegetarian takeaway) and then headed to the classy National Gallery of Victoria for High Tea.

 I had a tea flower. It was fun to watch.
 And generated lots of discussion.
 My tea flower took a while to bloom.
 Once it did, it looked beautiful.
Unfortunately, like the cute but boring boys on Friday night, the tea was beautiful but tasteless.

The occasion was a meet of Vogue Forum members. I'd been to two previously. This one was by far the best. The girls on my table were lovely. Intelligent, interesting, stylish, interested, funny and committed to making new friends.

I had an epiphany at the table. I was having such a good time. We talked for hours. And I've already lined up a second meeting with one girl on Wednesday night.

And towards the end, I met a blogger who I recognised!
The super elegant Le Blog de Sushi! She was so lovely and so well dressed.

I came away from the gallery feeling good about myself. It was wonderful to have good conversation, laughs and desserts with these girls. I hope to see them again.


  1. You are an inspiration, you really are! I am always so nervous to put myself out there and make new friends, but you have reminded me new people wont actually bite :-)

  2. i love this post carly - you're right there is always room for more friends. i like the saying "strangers are just friends you haven't met yet".


  3. I have never even heard of tea flower before, but it looks SO cool! I want one. Too bad they don't taste as pretty as they look.

    Also, new friends are just the greatest. :)

  4. What a great weekend of meeting new people, Carly!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. You're amazing. I am a bit keen to try one of those Turkish delight cocktails! xx

  6. What a gorgeous day!!!

    Shame about the boys ahahahaa

  7. How nice and very true, there are always ways to meet new friends. That Turkish delight cocktail sounds amazing! I've never been to a VF meetup, I haven't been on in ages!!
    Heidi xo

  8. Cute but boring boys are rubbish! So blah. Cocktails looked amazing, I want one now and it's only midday... XX


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