13 April 2011

Autumn leaves and a dress to match

It seems the only sign of autumn are the beautiful trees. Melbourne is suddenly cold. It seems there's been no bridging season between summer and winter.
These photos were taken at the comedy festival at Trades Hall. Such pretty lights.

And this is a Koko Black chocolate martini. Gooooooood.
I went to the Tell Someone launch today. I am so proud to be a part of this important initiative.
And tonight I went to a movie with my new friend S.

At times like this I wish my boobs were smaller. My dress looks great on but breathing is hard. The sacrifices we make!
And a man offered to hold my jacket before this photo was taken. He promised he wouldn't run off with it. And he didn't.
It's Thursday tomorrow. Pay day. And one day closer to the weekend. Yay!

Oh the dress is Target Limited editions if you're wondering. Jacket is Temt, boots are London Rebel, stripey top is from Zync, grey top is Temt, and jewellery is a mix of handcrafted, Diva and Tiffany.


  1. awesome dress and yes, Autumn is loverly!

  2. cool shot of the leaves. love this time of year!

    - tork

  3. Gorgeous dress, you look lovely! I love Target Limited Editions :) That chocolate martini looks delicious!

  4. Lovely dress and outfit :) Melbourne weather is weird I don't know what to wear in the mornings ...

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  6. Lovely pictures
    Following you on the 31 day challenge from sitsgirls
    Just finished my day5 post http://www.web-designschool.com/email-blog-reader-tweet-linkedin-facebook-connect-day5/

    Autumn for you and we are going into Summer. It is amazing this earth the things that are possible for all of us sharing this space in space and time


  7. love the jacket... its such a funny concept to watch you start to layer as I start to wear less!!

  8. Um, I NEED to try this chocolate martini - how can I have not known about this? Madness, I say. I love your dress! It looks so lovely on you, despite the breathing difficulties :P the sacrifices we make indeed! Jut checked your link to Tell Someone - fantastic work here, great job!
    Heidi xo

  9. Target Has some fun things & so much cheaper than most other places. The dress is lovely & the stripey top adds a touch of fun!

  10. I love that dress!! Even if it does present breathing issues, it's gorgeous :) And I love it when the Manchurian Pear trees start changing - so many amazing colours!

    That chocolate martini looks delicious. If I hadn't just come back from eating my body weight in dumplings, I'd be thinking about going to Koko Black on my way home from work ;)

  11. Chocolate Martini. Drool!

    Love your dress too, Carly.

    Have a great weekend.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog


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