04 April 2011

An entertaining Saturday - when I met a MasterChef star + an Aussie music legend.

 On Saturday I worked at National Youth Week. My organisation was a sponsor. It was lots of fun. I met a number of famous people. No photos due to my no blogging specific details about work rule.

I met:

Callum from MasterChef. So nice, so professional.

Fuzzy from Video Hits. Really well dressed, and taught me a new place to put my mic pack next time I'm on the set of No Limits. On her shoe.

And this man. Midnight Oil frontman and politician Peter Garrett.
I squealed inside. He shook my hand and I put a lanyard on him, like putting on an Hawaiian lei. He is very tall. Somewhere there is a photo of him and I. He is pretty legendary.

In my break I took photos of giant games...

And saw Jebediah play four songs.

After the day at Youth Week, I sat in Federation Square watching a street performer as a part of the Comedy Festival. She was Sharon Mahoney from Canada and she was great - very funny and encouraged lots of audience participation. She started off doing Canadian cliches, then changing into her alter-ego Tallulah, a saucy minx. Here she is getting changed in a sack, and as Tallulah.

And here is a video of one of her acts.

After that, I had coffee with colleagues, then met more friends for dinner and to see Eddie Perfect at the Comedy Festival. His show was charming, funny, relevant, and quite wrong in places. He did a great send up of Kerri-Anne Kennerley. We loved it!
What a great, action packed day!


  1. What a great Saturday, Carly!

    Peter Garrett - what an honour.

    I wish I could have had a go on the giant games.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. I'm so very jealous that you met Eddie Perfect - RAWR!

    Sounds much better than my weekend, which was mostly spent sleeping in an attempt to get over my disgusting cold!!

  3. Sounds like a fun day Carly!!

    I love the term 'saucy minx' it's one of my favourite.

  4. Brilliant! Hope that pic of you and Peter turns up some time. ;)

    Oh, and I LOVE Connect 4!

  5. Looks like a great day! I wish I'd had that much fun today, haha.


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