30 April 2011

Domestic Goddess duties. I buy a new vacuum and roast a fish!!

Today I was a Domestic Goddess. In between sleep and eating, I was doing some housewifery. Dad would be proud.

After a week of eating dangerously - who was I kidding - I wasn't going to snap back into healthy eating after the Easter break - see exhibits A and B below...

Exhibit A: chocolate hot cross bun and butter pudding, made with chocolate hot cross buns, gooey Easter eggs and duck egg custard, served with thick vanilla custard.

 Exhibit B: the food I ate on the first night in Brisbane - a balanced meal of four plates of seafood,
 A plate of ribs, and sweet potato plus salad I didn't eat, and
A plate of desserts. Glorious. The jeans I wore on Wednesday night now do not button up.
 Plus many glasses of champagne on both nights.
 ...I thought it was time I ate healthier. So I bought some organic stuff (this plus butter and dip came to $42!). I have popcorn, lentils to cook with goat in the slowcooker, kale chips and a mix to put in my porridge.
I also bought some goat, lots of vegies, and a whole fish. I met my Dad to pick up my car and we did some leisurely grocery shopping.

Meanwhile I bought a new vacuum cleaner. And it vacuums well. I rarely by homewares so this is an exciting purchase. The old one is eight years old and stopping. This one is suitable for allergies.
 I topped up my liquor cabinet modest shelf with affordable cheap alcohol.
 And I acquired a fire blanket.
I felt so grown up - a responsible 29 year old with a new vacuum, organic food and a fire blanket. No frivolous throwaway fashion purchases today. And some more homewares from years gone by.

My Dad brought me a bag of things from my Grandparents' old unit. Poppy moved into an aged care home last month and Mum and Dad have inherited all of these interesting things from their past. There's an opal ring of Nanny's waiting to be fixed and then I'll wear it.

In the bag was this pretty plate from England. It's a bit broken but still beautiful.
 And this one from Bosnia. It's a gorgeous teal and gold.
 Those ones I'll display but this one I'll use.
 I reorganised my plates at my stove and put the peacock one on display.
 I cooked some rhubarb - this bunch was so long - a good 60 centimetres.
 I cut half a bunch of rhubarb, an apple, a sprinkle of sugar and some vanilla.
 And then the fish! Can you believe I got this whole fish - as long as the rhubarb - for $5!!!
I stuffed the fish with garlic, tomatoes, leek and lemon and seasoned it with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
 And then I roasted it in the oven.
Meanwhile I cooked some vegies in the pan. Squash, cauliflower, chickory, beans and capsicum. They were seasoned with Middle Eastern spice and olive oil.
 It came out of the oven like this, and it was delicious. The fish is Australian salmon.
I am going to eat a piece of chocolate hot cross bun and butter pudding and watch Notes on a Scandal. Enjoy your Saturday nights!


  1. Sounds like a lovely night in.

    Those plates from your nan are beautiful. Mores so with their attached memories.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. mmmm drool I love having fish yum yum lol.. :-) x
    Is that squash (urh) that i wont eat sorry
    hope to see you again soon xxxxx

  3. So. Much. Food. AWESOME.

    Those plates are just gorgeous, especially the teal and gold one. They'll look lovely sitting in your kitchen.

    Also, you always seem to be able to find the fantastic berry cider that is never in the shops when I go to look for it (not that I mind the strawberry & lime one). You must be getting to the shops just before me and snapping it up!

  4. How on earth did you get a fish that big for $5?

  5. Looks like you really had a super time...... The food looks absolutely delicious!!!!

  6. $42 explains very clearly why I don't buy organic anything. Instead, I'll make cuts to my junk food intake if I need to "health up" my diet.
    I'll get started on those grapes and pears as soon as I finish off the ton or so of easter eggs sitting in my fridge.....

  7. Wow, you are such a chef! The fish looks phenomenal!


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