25 April 2011

Hot cross bun + butter pudding

The only things about Easter I believe in is dark chocolate and hot cross buns. I made this delicious dessert on Saturday night - we spent it with friends, eating succulent roast pork belly and drinking (Rekorderlig cider for me). I love how festive holidays are spent consuming copious amounts of food. People who are afraid of fat, look away.

Here I am during dinner, dressed up/down in a floaty dress and uggs. The beauty of dining at home.

I started by greasing a glass baking dish.
I cut six hot cross buns in half and lay them face up in the dish.
Then I placed a small slice of butter on each half.
And a spoon of home made cherry jam on top.
I beat four duck eggs - laid that morning - with two cups of milk and half a cup of sugar. I used the Bamix for this, which made it smooth and a beautiful soft yellow.
Then I poured the eggy mix over the hot cross buns, pressed them down to submerge them, and baked this in the oven for...I'm not sure how long? I was drinking cider and eating Havarti by then, Mum did the oven stuff? 30 minutes or so.
When it came out of the oven, it was light and fluffy and smelt divine. So cinnamony.
I served it with King Island cream. Everyone loved it. Even those who didn't like hot cross buns.
I hope you all had feasts too. I haven't eaten one chocolate. I figure my cheese consumption is enough. Plus I've had this dessert for breakfast two days in a row. And I honestly think I am looking skinnier each day.


  1. Carly!!!

    Happy Easter! I too had Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding for breakfast over Easter. I made mine with dark chocolate and the custard had brandy in it.

    'Twas so good.

    SSG xxx

  2. oooh lala! I've heard people talking about hot cross bun & butter pudding and now wish I'd the foresight to get some and try this recipe - thanks for sharing. I love your addition of cherry jam - enjoy!

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmm

    We have almost this same thing in the fridge ready for baking tomorrow. Ted made hot cross buns which over-prooved, and were flat and inedible as buns, so he sliced them, buttered them, and they are waiting in their bain marie tray for the custard mix. My daughter is observing Passover (bad me, I'm not) and can't eat breads until tomorrow. We'll make the custard mix with chicken eggs (don't know if next door's ducks are laying) and MMMMMMM

  4. Oh my STARS!!!!

    That looks SO good Carly!!! And super easy!!! Must do this tomorrow, before the Easter period is completely null and void.

    Great recipe!!

  5. It does look good, but I prefer my egg custards without anything in them. Soggy breads, urk. Well, they were always soggy when my mum made them.
    I love my fluffy imitation uggs.

  6. Yum! This looks SOOOOO good. I have got to try this out.

  7. yum! We had a french toast breadpudding (So good) that this sort of reminds me of! I love the idea of this... thanks!

  8. I made hot cross bun and butter pudding too! But mine was a little more naughty...

    I subbed the hot cross buns with choc chip ones and peanut butter instead of jam and then threw in 2 packets of mini choc and caramel eggs which went all delicious and melty in the oven. Yum! Perfect for a gloomy day in Sydney.

    Love your blog btw :)

  9. In all my life I have never had hot cross buns before but I do know the song on the piano :-P


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