30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding. The fairytale marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I got into it just like the rest of the world, despite not taking interest in it during the lead up. I've been interstate for three days, without much time to think about these worldly issues, so my interest in the Royal Wedding began at the breakfast buffet yesterday morning before work.
 I was certainly not on the Kate Middleton diet. But I teamed with the theme and ate Eggs Royale.
And then I longed to be a princess too but the engagement ring was sold out at Diva. So Sydney Shop Girl did the honourable bridesmaidy thing and sourced me one interstate. She'll have the Royal Servants Australia Post courier mail it to me. Oh the glamour.
Just like I'll always remember where I was when I found out Princess Diana and Michael Hutchence died, and when Savage Garden split up, I'll always remember where I was when Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. I watched the Royal Wedding in a public crowd, just like when I watched Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett race at the Sydney Olympics - I was sitting at Myer Melbourne for that. Last night I stepped off the plane and had to race to a concert (oh the glamour! - hardly - I was so tired and uninspired to dress well that I threw on a stretchy dress and an anorak) so I had no time to catch the wedding at home. But I arrived in the city just in time to see Kate travel by car to Westminster Abbey. Federation Square was where it was at. On the big screen. It was beautiful.
 I arrived smack on 7.51 pm, as the car took off.
 Pippa Middleton looked stunning.

 The anticipation of the dress was chilling. Or it may have been the concrete I sat on.
 It was at this moment the crowd erupted into a mighty cheer.
 I was snapping vicariously.
 And this is where I teared up. I thought about the day I become a princess and my Dad walks me down the aisle.

 Kate Middleton is stunning.

The crowd also cheered when William and Kate met at the aisle. It was so beautiful. I saw some laughing at the alter.
I had to dash off when the ceremony started but Facebook and Twitter was giving me detailed updates in 140 characters or less. Everyone was having parties.

Kate Middleton wore Sarah Burton for McQueen.  I loved the simplicity of her dress.

I was captivated by Pippa Middleton. Stunning. 
Prince Harry is so dreamy. I wish he knew I existed. I'd make a good princess.


  1. The Chef insisted on having the whole thing on the TV, even though I wasn't interested. I absolutely loved the flypast of three World War II planes, though - that was awesome!

  2. Me, an honourable bridesmaid?!?!

    I'm very honoured.

    SSG xxx

  3. Hello Carly
    It was so lovely and a real treat to meet and chat with you at the Tribune. We didn't get to say goodbye...did you end up purchasing a pretty?
    Loooved the wedding to bits!

  4. What does this sentence mean?

    "I was snapping vicariously."

  5. "I was snapping vicariously." means I was taking lots of photos of the TV footage on the big screen, as though I was actually there at the wedding.

  6. I didn't follow all the pre-wedding news either but couldn't help sneak a peek at all the coverage here last night. Very beautiful.

  7. How ingenious that you 'snapped vicariously' from the big screen! It almost looks like you were 'actually' there! This certainly was a 'special moment in time'.....

  8. I thought Kate's dress was gorgeous as was Pippa's.... very beautiful wedding

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