17 April 2011

Pork knuckle sandwich.

Mum was down this weekend and I impressed her by taking her to The Auction Rooms for lunch yesterday. Alright, it was just another excuse to eat where Rush was filmed, and legitimately have dessert for lunch.

I suggested Mum might like the pork knuckle sandwich - a hefty roll filled with shredded corned pork, piccalilly and tasty cheese. She loved it, and as I eyed off the attractive uber trendy money making young man at the table next to me, the attractive uber trendy money making young man was suffering from serious food envy over Mum's sandwich. He ordered his own.
Mum looked like sunshine yesterday. We had fun. Moseying around the North Melbourne shopping strips, and giving away chestnuts in my suburb.
I had my regular - French toast. Just the same deliciousness as when I first had it with Jen. So I will copy and paste how I described it then: fluffy bread stuffed with toasted coconut, drizzled with tamarind and maybe chilli sauce and served with vanilla crème fraiche, lime and coriander. It was sweet and zesty and rich all at once. Fantastic!
 I admit, I was hungry afterward and though Mum didn't need much dinner....
 I ordered a child serving of cutlets, salad and chips from Stalactites before a big night out.
And I'll be writing about the big night out soon. :)


  1. That french toast sounds EPIC!!!!

    I want to try and re create it at home STAT!

  2. I love those lamb cutlets! Children's menus have come such a long way.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. I agree, that French toast description has me sold. I would love to try this amazing sounding sandwich too!
    Heidi xo

  4. oooh I love Auction Rooms and had me the pork knuckle just recently but that french toast has me totally interested- and i'm usually not a sweet-tooth! must get there soon - thx for sharing Carly! And great to see you last night - can't wait to read your low-down! X

  5. Aww your mum does look like sunshine!

    Your description of that french toast is enough for one to have mega-cravings… Mmm

  6. I can remember when childrens menus were a bowl of chips with tomato sauce. Maybe with a couple of chicken nuggets.

    Your mum is pretty.

  7. Awww your mum is lovely!
    Holy moly that french toast sounds insanely delicious!!


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