01 December 2012

I am not ok. But I will be.

I am a little over it. My skin has been sore for around a month now, and while I know it will return to its own kind of normal soon, the pain is a burden. I am physically tired, and tired of saying that I am not ok.

I am sore. The hospital stay did me good. It healed my legs, and I got rest. But on returning home, my top half became very sore. It burned and throbbed, and moving, sitting, lying and walking was hard. Wearing clothes has been hard. Being in bed has been hard. Going to work has been hard. It is hard.

My skin is going through its whole body shed. I'm willing it to heal before my birthday next week.

This kind of soreness is not the most private soreness. My hands and wrists are red raw and peeling. I walk slower, move slower and smile less. My feet will shed their skin soon, and that is the worst - it's just so painful to walk on. I don't feel like my usual happy self. Things are piling up and I jut want to get them done. But I also just want to rest.

I will be ok soon. But soon can't come soon enough. I guess it's good that I am mentally strong, because this pain is enough to tear anyone apart.

Anyway, enough of being a misery guts. Today I'm going to go to the cinema and do a little retail therapy. I'm going to try to write some articles. And I had some good news yesterday. I've been asked to help give a lecture at a university next year! So excited!

What's on for your day?

This post is for the Reverb12 project. I'm not sure if the reflections are supposed to be this negative, hah! I shall toughen up, princess;)



  1. Oh Carly

    So sorry to hear you're going through such a rough patch.

    Take care and I'm willing your skin to heal in time for your birthday too!

    SSG xxx

  2. I want to hug you! But I don't want to hurt you. I know how constant pain feels and it can wear you down. Remember it's important to treat your mind as well as your body. Letting the negative thoughts out is a good start. No one expects you to be cheerful all the time and if they do, they don't understand the reality of the diseases we live with. No one likes having bad days, but you're allowed to say it. Your allowed to say I don't like this, it's not fair. Because its not. As long as you can see that light up ahead, you know it's going to be okay. Eventually. If you lose sight of the light, let me know, I'll turn it on for you x

  3. Being forced to slow down must be the hardest part because you are so motivated. Cinema sounds like a good way to relax and I have my fingers crossed for you feeling better for your birthday. L xx

  4. How miserable that must be Carly. I hope the slightly cooler weather makes it a little more tolerable. Take care and rest. Everything else can wait, except the cinema and retail therapy. That sounds fun!

  5. I am so sorry to read that you are in so much pain.
    If wishes could help you beautiful lady,you would be healed now because of all the healing wishes I am sending your way.xx

  6. Hoping the new year finds you feeling better!

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  8. Carly, an honest post; what you do best. Only I'm sorry that it's so trying : (
    Thinking of you and sending you healing vibes x

  9. I'm sending you all sorts of healing vibes. Hugs L :)

  10. Oh hon I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon, especially in time for your birthday. xxx

  11. I hope your health starts to improve soon and good luck with the lecture!

  12. So sorry about all you are going through. Here's hoping that your will be better very soon. Take care. Came from Reverb12.


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