30 December 2012

Disability exploitation online

Before you 'like' those photos of sick and disabled children on Facebook, think about how liking those photos are benefiting those children featured. There is often no explanation of the illness or disability and Facebook users leave derogatory comments below the photos. Permission is never sought to use the photos. It's exploitation.

My friend De has created a photo to be shared that provides information about ichthyosis and features her son. It's in response to a photo of a baby with ichthyosis circulating on Facebook. Like and share if you want to create actual awareness of this condition.

I have very little Internet access at the moment and cannot blog as much as I want to. I plan to write further on this matter, so stay tuned.


  1. You would think that people would learn from the numerous social media hoax's. If a picture has information and can help people to learn then that is great. Simply sharing a picture because it says 'share if you have a heart' isn't helping anyone.
    I look forward to reading more when you have better internet access.

  2. Thanks, Carly. Jennifer and I wrote a response on our own blog, confettiskin.com : http://confettiskin.com/wp/2012/12/29/moura-facebook-response/

  3. glad am not on facebook #thatIsAll #mumWithAChildWithDisability



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