02 December 2012

My most significant spend of 2012 #reverb12



It's been an amazing year. Maybe not this sore period, but the rest of it - amazeballs, as the yoof say.

Today's prompt for #Reverb12 (click picture above for more info) is 'what's your most significant spend?'

That didn't take much thinking. It was my overseas trip! You can read about it in the archives of July and August and a little in September. In summary, this is what I packed in:

I have been to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, Camden, Bristol, Telford, Big Ben, London Bridge, Kensington Palace and Gardens, Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert, WholeFoods (in three locations), The London Eye, Borough Market, Selfridges, TopShop, H&M on every goddamn corner, Marks and Sparks, British Museum of Popular Music, Emirates Cable Car, Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Farmers Market, Rockerfeller Centre, Ground Zero, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, The Met, MoMA, Momofuku, The Spotted Pig, met Christy Turlington, Times Square, Broadway and New Zealand Airport (plus lots lots more!).

I was exposed to culture, food, spent time with my family, progressed my career, saw famous landmarks and history, spent quality time with my Mum, thought about where I want to go, and what I need to do when I get there.

What was your most significant spend?



  1. Have to agree, that was an awesome spend! Really enjoyed reading about it all too. And the pics.

    SSG xxx

  2. Great spending! :)

    My significant spend this year was my new car. It was the FIRST car I've ever bought. (And how old am I again?) brand spankin' new too! The perks of being single!

  3. A new lounge. The old one was torn and really hurting to get in and out of.

    Your trip sounds awesome :-)

  4. Fellow Reverb blogger dropping in! So many adventures :)

  5. Definitely my Europe trip. We did it as economically as we could as it has been a lean year, but it was such an amazing experience.


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