19 December 2012

If there was a sequel to Love Actually...

There's a movie that I watch every year. Usually twice a year, and guaranteed at Christmastime. I have it on DVD but will sit through the ad laden edit on TV. It's Love Actually. I wrote about my love for it here. My friends on Twitter love it too. When it was on TV last Thursday night, we were all talking about it. I admitted to my old man crush on Bill Nighy, suggesting that I am upholding my appearance diversity values in doing so.

I love all the love stories in the film. They are all special and complex in their own way - even the one where Alan Rickman has feelings for that pretty swan-necked woman who is not Emma Thompson, and Mr Bean inadvertently facilitates the affair by extravagantly wrapping a necklace for the other woman. I especially love the way Laura Linney's character is so devoted to caring for her brother she lets the man she's been longing for since her first day in the office slip away. And this.

And I cry.
As usual, the discussion on Twitter got me thinking. I exclaimed:

Oh Love Actually. I want to star in your sequel. Maybe a storyline about how a fan truly loves a famous singer in a totally non stalker way.

It'd be perfect. Based on a true story of course. I know it well. There's a singer I've loved for 16 years, it started off all "he's so cute I want to marry him" and then my love for him matured. His music changed my life - the lyrics resonated with me in such a way I'm sure the feeling equates to a new sense. And seeing him live made me feel amazing. He'd star as himself in the movie, writing emotional songs, singing falsetto and being a show pony on stage, occasionally toning it down in small venues, and I'd be hanging onto his every word, facial expression and catching sweat beads from the front row. I'm kidding about the sweat beads. That is stalker territory. There'd be a twist of course - maybe I would realise the unspoken fan/idol power imbalance? Maybe I'd catch his eye from the stage and he'd reach down to kiss and hug me. We could totally reenact that! And there'd be an "I love you".

Sounds like a good storyline, yeah? A little Love Actually, a little Almost Famous.

So Richard Curtis, if you're reading this, please consider this as a storyline should you make a Love Actually sequel, and get me to write and star in it.

What relationships would you like to see in the sequel?



  1. Hi C,

    love watching this!

    Might get it out this weekend. Happy Christmas! xxx

  2. Oh I love this movie. I think it resonates so strongly because of the diversity of relationships it shows. It isn't all happy endings and it isn't just about romantic love. Oh and yes I cry every time Emma Thompson gets that CD, and when Andrew Lincoln shows those signs, and when Colin Firth learns another language - ok so basically for most of the last third of the film. Must watch this again soon.

  3. SNAP! Not Richard Curtis, but same re DVD and still watch on Telly and it reminds me of all the wonderful kinds of love to celebrate. But also the pain of real heartache. Emma Thompson you fabulous woman!

  4. Good to know your wish has come true already! :D
    Congratulations on getting your masters. My boyf was presenting some of the degrees there!
    Have a very merry christmas miss Carly!

  5. I missed it when it was on the other night, I had to get up super early for my uni placement. I was so disappointed, I've only seen it once and loved it. Might have to buy it for myself for christmas.

  6. I love this movie so much. My most favourite scene is when Bill Nighy says "Don't by drugs, become a rockstar and you get them for free!"


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