08 December 2012

Birthday thoughts

Today I am 31. I reflect on the year that's passed, and think, who would have thought it would be this amazing? I feel comfortable, loved, confident, outspoken, accomplished and proud. Really proud.

I'm going to do some fun stuff today - shopping, movie, live music, food and drinks.

I feel so lucky.


  1. You ARE lucky Carly! Have a wonderful birthday and may your 31st year be as awesome as your 30th. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy 31st Birthday Carly!!! Have a most wonderful day!

  3. Happy birthday! Have a great day and fabulous year!


  4. Happy birthday Carly. Sounds like a wonderful day you have planned.

  5. What a year you've had, indeed! Such an inspiration!
    May the next one be even better!
    Happy Birthady!

  6. I have followed you through this last year with all its ups and downs,watching you thrive with each new experience.
    Everything you have accomplished has been because of hard honest work and a beautiful ability to be there for and to help others.
    Out of all you described above,that you feel really proud makes me feel the happiest for you.
    To feel that way means everything you are doing in and with your life is something to be proud of.
    Have a wonderful year Carly and may you have even more things happen that you can be so proud of.xx

  7. Yay!! Happy birthday to you Carly! It must have been an exciting Christmas for your parents when their little Christmas baby was born, have a beautiful day today and lots of love for an even better year next year xx

  8. Happy Birthday!
    I hope your day was wonderful.

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a good one! :)

  10. Happy birthday!! Sounds like you had a great year, and here's wishing you an even better one ahead. :)


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