30 November 2012

My live band bucket list

I don't have a list of things to do or see before I die. When I went overseas all I really wanted to do was to go to Momofuku and The Spotted Pig restaurants in New York City, and walk across Abbey Road in London. I did two out of three - the restaurants - and walked 'across Abbey Road' with the M&Ms at the M&M store in Piccadilly Circus London - underwhelming, despite Michelle's best intentions! I don't have a yearning to see the pyramids or the Louvre, or to climb a mountain or to meet anyone famous that I haven't already met (ok maybe Ryan Gosling and Cate Blanchett).

But I have a live band bucket list. I've had one for some time now. Admittedly it comprises mostly of Aussie rock bands. Bogan pub rock perhaps. I have already seen some of the bands on my live band bucket list, and I feel like I've accomplished something by seeing them live. Often at their concerts, I think to myself, I can't believe is is happening! I feel very lucky. I've seen lots of bands - live music is so accessible in Melbourne - and I cherish the memories of most of them. But these ones are my most coveted ones.

So here it is. My live band bucket list.

Cold Chisel - check! I saw them live on my birthday last year. It was like mass karaoke when Khe Sanh came on. I love a bit of bogan Aussie rock! Best birthday night ever!

Crowded House - check! I thought I'd never see them, but I've now seen them live around five times. Their shows are just magic. And I have a set list and a guitar pick from Neil Finn.

Paul Kelly - check! I saw him with Missy Higgins and Dan Kelly (below)at Moomba in 2006, at the Sound Relief concert at the MCG to raise money for Black Saturday - I loved it when he referred to the MCG in Leaps and Bounds - and also at a session at the Melbourne Writers Festival where he spoke about his song lyrics and sang three songs. Next year I'm seeing him live with Neil Finn. Ultimate bucket list check!

Hunters and Collectors - check! Again I saw them play at the MCG at Sound Relief. Loved being able to sing along to Throw Your Arms Around Me!


INXS - check! Thank goodness I saw them before they called it off recently! I was so I pressed with them, despite the critics and the absence of Michael Hutchence.

You Am I - not yet. I've almost seen them, as a friend knows the band, and our names were on the door, however when we got there, our names were no longer there. Each time Tim Rogers has played a solo show here, I've either not been here or had something else on. However, I did see him sing a song with Bob Evans in 2009, see below. You Am I were meant to support Cold Chisel last year - I was so excited about this prospect! Louis and I arrive at the show early, especially to see them, and they weren't playing. So sad!

Simon and Garfunkle - not yet. Last time they were touring, their tickets were ridiculously high, and I just couldn't afford it. I grew up listening to them, my parents are big fans. Here's hoping I can afford to see them next time they are both here (or even just Paul Simon).

Fleetwood Mac - not yet. My parents are also huge fans of Fleetwood Mac, I know all their songs and I am hanging out to see them soon. I saw the Melbourne Writers Festival Liner Notes performance of Rumours in 2010 - loved it and laughed hard! Next time they're touring, I'll go, no matter the cost or line up in the band. I think it'd be a really nice thing to do with my Dad.

Who is on your live band bucket list?

Edit: the lovely Eden commented below, asking if I've seen U2. Yes! And they were a bucket list band who I forgot to include! I became a fan in the late 90s on hearing Achtung! Baby. And I would listen to them in my bedroom as I did my year 12 art project. I am pleased to say I've seen them three times - twice in 2006 and once in 2010. Another band ticket off the list! Thanks for the reminder Eden!


  1. Ohhh, Fleetwood Mac are meant to be touring next year!

    The bands left to see live for me are The Dears, Stars and Jens Lekman - two of which have shows in Melbourne when I am away next year - I guess I am not ready to "kick the bucket" just yet!

    I have ticked off some big ones too, and Sound Relief certainly helped! George Michael was a big one for me, Madonna and U2, and Roxette.

    Great post idea!

    1. Yes! Sound Relief definitely helped my bucket list along! I saw Midnight Oil - impressive but not really my thing - but when I met Peter Garrett I was very excited!

  2. You went to Momofuku NY?? Good on you Carly!! I've been to the one in Sydney.

    Have you seen U2 live? You must. YOU MUST.


    1. Next time I'm in Sydney I'm going to Momofuku! Loved it in NY! I loved the Milk Bar. And thank you for reminding me of U2! Have exited it :)

  3. I adore Simon and Garfunkel! My boyfriend loves them too, but he doesn't really have knowledge of classical music and just assumes their time has passed. When I told him S and G had a show a few years ago, he said, "I thought they were dead!" Next time they come here I definitely plan to see them.

    I shot myself in the foot last time You Am I had a gig somewhere out west in an RSL and I just bailed and didn't really try to go. Tim Rogers is at Homebake this year if you can manage to go. I'll be there but I'm not sure I'm keen on seeing him not as You Am I.

    The Smashing Pumpkins were on my list and I'm glad I finally got to see them this year. I missed out quite a few times before! I love the old lineup better but I will never see them - it was good enough seeing them live with the new lineup as they did play some classics.

    I also shot myself in the foot when I didn't really bother getting Soundwave tickets. I really want to see Bullet For My Valentine as they are one of my favourite metal bands. I hope they have a sideshow some time, maybe...

    I also shot myself in the foot when I missed out on Anberlin's shows. I was always so out of the loop when they had a show. This time I'm hoping I get to see them early next year. Rumour has it they are having an Australian tour. :3

    My all time favourite band Armor For Sleep disbanded in 2009 before I ever got a chance to see them, and their farewell tour was in New York. :( The closest I got to seeing them was seeing frontman Ben Jorgensen have a solo show here and he also played some acoustic Armor songs. I got to talk to him and he said he remembered my blog and other websites I created, which was really quite flattering! *_* I guess all in all that was much better than not seeing Armor at all.

  4. SQUEEE!So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
    See you tomoz.
    Kat x
    PS Great list!

  5. Coldplay and INXS were on my list, but I was too broke to see them this year, so imagine my disappointment at the news that INXS are breaking up and that Coldplay will not tour for at least 3 years!

    I have seen U2, twice, and they were brilliant.

    Midnight Oil is still one of the best concerts I've been to.

    The Eagles were amazing.

    And I will totally come with you to see Fleetwood Mac.

    It is hard living in Canberra, so few of the big acts come here so in addition to tickets you have to fork out for travel and accommodation. It makes liking live bands really hard.

    1. Oh no about Coldplay and Inxs!
      I saw Coldplay earlier in their career at the Big Day Out, on the release of Parachutes. I found them dull, but I think if I saw them now, with all their hits, I'd like them live more.
      I was thinking of all those bands I've seen before they've made it big / I realised I saw Coldplay, The Frames and Boy and Bear, and also Kinbra and Missy Higgins before they had really made it!

    2. Ps - I feel your frustration with living in a small town - I experienced that when I lived in Albury. The cost of travel got expensive. Luckily I saw a few bands in Melbourne when I lived there, and a few bands in Albury, and moved to Melbourne aged 21.

  6. We've been to a couple of the same gigs- Crowded House and Sound Relief. I managed to check off Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear from by live band bucket list this year- both were amazing shows. I'm also looking forward to the Neil Finn and Paul Kelly tour next year.


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