20 November 2012

Christmas shopping straight out of hospital. It can be done.

I have missed shopping while in hospital. Really missed it. I got excited about purchasing a pop-up wedding card at the Hospital's post office yesterday. And I have been reading magazines while eating non-hospital food, lusting over fashion and Christmas present ideas.

So now I've arrived home and off the hard medications (to mitigate any silly endone-fueled purchasing decisions) I was keen to get into it. If my dermatologist, day job boss and Mum are reading this, DON'T WORRY, I am resting. Seriously.

I popped out down the road to buy some lamb chops, cheese and fruit (to celebrate my release!) and in my local little shopping strip, there is a funky boutique. It wouldn't hurt to go in, just for five minutes. Shopping is practically part of holistic therapy. Yes? YES! And so in five minutes, I bought two Christmas presents - one for my Mum and one for a dear friend.

I was gone from home for 20 minutes max. I got home, put my two new gifts away in my secret Christmas present bag (I have already bought two, plus the presents for the giving tree at work) and felt smug. Organised in November. This is saving me time and money! I climbed back into bed, got snugly on my new pillows (I have missed my bed and these pillows, and especially the doona!) and felt the need to shop some more. But my skin won't allow me to do more physical shopping today.

So I got googling. And purchased two more presents - both very unique, and at a good price. Which leaves me money to buy more goodies for my loved ones. A few friends asked me where I suggest buying presents from. So of course I decided to blog about it. And here is my list. Note, this definitely is not a sponsored post. It's just a list of shops I recommend. As I've gotten older, and perhaps it's because I'm earning a (small) wage out of creating (writing), I have found its so much nicer (and less stressful) to purchase gifts from local, grassroots stores than trawl the mega malls. Presents are often so much more unique, and better quality. And you (mostly) know where your money is going.

iSubscribe: Last year I bought Mum a subscription to SBS Feast magazine and she LOVES it! It is good value, there is a big range of magazines, and the recipient gets a gift each month.

StickyGram: I saw a discount code for StickyGram on Twitter - you can turn your Instagram photos into magnets. And so I clickygrammed, and created a very unique Christmas present. Here's the discount code, for $2 off your first order: FRIENDEAUP. It's great for getting your photos off your phone and prettying up your room.

Hard to Find: this site sells all sorts of things, from cute jewellery to clothes to homewares. I am going to be browsing this site for a unique wedding present...

CurlyPops: my wonderful friend Camille is so talented and she's got lots of bright goodies for sale. Check out her cushions and glasses pouches to give to a girl who loves colour!

St Frock: another friend Sandradee owns Sydney bricks and mortar/online boutique St Frock, filled with lots of pretty dresses, jewellery and shoes - the lady in your life who loves to dress up would love something from here!

Red Phoenix Emporium: again, more friends of mine, sisters Willow and Lotus have designed a range of bright beaded jewellery, clothing and accessories - even some to fit baby fashionistas.

The Book Depository: I know this is a big commercial giant. But book shops are hard to find. And The Book Depository has cheap books and fast shipping. I bought one book for a Christmas present here, and two at Brunswick Bound if it makes you feel better.

Etsy: I LOVE ETSY! So much handmade goodness - jewellery, clothes, prints, everything!

I checked my mailbox and saw a little gift had arrived for me. I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Frocks and Frou Frou last payday and saw a necklace she wore that I had to have (again!). And so, even though it was gold and I am a silver girl, I bought it. Because I am a bit obsessed with moonstone at the moment. I love how it sparkles. The necklace was purchased from FriedaSophie on Esty (you can buy the same one here). Isn't it pretty? I love the way it sparkles all purpley and blue when it catches the light.

Here is FriedaSophie's photo for a better view!

It was a lovely welcome home from hospital gift today!

One present that I bought today is a big surprise and so I don't want to give the site away, but it involves some crafting once received.

I love present shopping! Especially when it's exciting and convenient like today's bedridden adventure :)

Tell me some of your favourite online shops.



  1. love it! I got all my Xmas shopping done last year while I was recovering from surgery - online shopping is the best.

    hope you're feeling better x

  2. Yay you've been released!

    Great recommendations and a good reminder to start making some lists!


  3. Glad to hear you're out of hospital! I hope you're healing quickly! This post sounds more cheerful so I hope you're feeling that way.

    Can't wait to check out some of the things on your list. I have to say though I'm feeling a little ashamed that I have not even started my Christmas shopping...I've thought a lot about it, does that count?

  4. THanks for the tips...there's hope for me and mine yet!

  5. Thankyou for the lovely shoutout Carly!

  6. Love Hand-made.com.au! 100% Australian handmade sellers, owned by Australians too and its fabulous

  7. Thanks for the shout out lovely! Glad to hear you are resting - shopping is tres relaxing in my books! I am also doing all my Xmas shopping online, aside from my own shop of course I have bought some lovely things from Kindred Spirits so far. I usually hit up Mozi, Etsy, The Book Depository and Vistaprint or Arts Cow for some photo products. I had better get cracking! L xx

  8. Thanks for the Stickygram recommendation and code! I had never heard of it before and it's genius! They currently have a 3 for 2 special going on atm for Thanksgiving. Happy to hear you are feeling better :)

  9. So glad you are home! Well done on the shopping, I haven't event started to think about it.

  10. Really great tips, Carly! Thanks. As you know I needed some inspiration! You've reminded me of the Book Depository - an old favourite. Free shipping too. I'm glad you were able to have some retail fun whilst you were in hospital. :)

  11. Thank you to tell us so much useful information. I'm glad to read it.


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