29 November 2012

No Limits returns Monday Night! You'll see me and my friends on TV.


Australia's only disability focused television show No Limits is returning to Melbourne TV on Monday 3 December (and each Monday at the same time for 11 more episodes)! Tune in to Channel 31/44 digital at 6.30 pm to watch our special International Day of People with Disability themed show.

The episodes should be able to be viewed online at c31.org.au after they air on TV.

I've been involved in filming a few episodes of No Limits over the past few months. Due to my overseas trip and the Other Film Festival, I couldn't be at every shoot, but I think I will feature in four episodes. I'm so proud of working on this show - we have covered important issues, showed that we can have a laugh at disability, and great friendships have formed. It gives people with disabilities voice in the media, a voice that's lacking. And it allows for collaboration and for the cast and crew to tell our stories and to share those within the disability community with a wide audience. While the actual filming is an educational experience for all of us, I really enjoy the social aspect of working on No Limits - getting to know the cast and crew, doing the safety dance, going out for post filming drinks and hanging out on non filming days. I've met some awesome people.

Grit Media, the organisation that produces No Limits, won a Yooralla Media Award for a sketch they created. The sketch is called Condescending Tool and is a parody on an advert created by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Naomi Chainey and Phineas Meere, the brains behind the Condescending Tool, accepted the award on behalf of Grit Media at the National Press Club in Canberra.

Click here to watch the winning video. Check out Phin's interview on RRR here.

I hope you'll tune in on Monday nights.

Note: no this isn't a sponsored post. But of course I'm gonna promote the heck out of No Limits, it's the show that's given me a chance to be on TV! And I thought a red person would never be on TV unless it was exploitative and sensationalist....



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